10 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphone of 2019 with Supreme Quality

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When we look for the best wireless ear phone. There’s few things to take note on. Above all, the ability for the ear phone to connect seamlessly is definitely the key. After all, who would like to have an ear phone hanging around your ears if it is not able to provide any sound to your ears?

We summarized top 20 ear phone in the market for your consideration. Like always, a detailed comparison table is incorporated for your easy references.

PictureModelRatingPriceLatest Price
Meidong E6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones3.9$$
TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones4.0$$
Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Earbuds3.8$
AELEC S350 Bluetooth Headphones3.7$
Avantree Super Comfortable Bluetooth4.3$$$
Audeze LCD-XC, BL, BB, TC Bubinga Planar Magnetic Headphones4.2$$$$$
Bluetooth Headphones CSBROTHER4.1$$
True Wireless Earbuds, FKANT Gemini Completely Wireless V4.1 Dual Mini Bluetooth Headphones4.3$$$
Wireless Earphones with 12 Hours Music Time4.4$$$
Bluetooth Headset Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Sport Stereo Headset3.4$

Meidong E6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Meidong headphones equipped with 33 feet of connection without any obstacles. When wearing, the foam in between your ears give you a very comfortable contact and will not hurt your ears even after a long hours of usage.

If you want to use this ear phone as a microphone as well, you do not need to buy additional microphone when using this wireless headphones as it come with built in function with it.


  • Good Battery
  • High Connectivity
  • Nice Design


  • Heavy
  • Large in size

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

The TaoTronics headphone is best for doing some running, biking or playing at the gym. It also has the built-in magnets a the two side of the headphone, so that when you are not using them, you can have them wear just like a necklace. This is a very convenient way to carry them.

The advanced technology with the CVC noisy cancellation if famous for it’s ability to capture the sound of the surrounding and cancel it for your seamlessly. Enabling you a much clearer microphone sound.

Imagine you have to run for a marathon for several hours or even double digit of hours, the use of this earbuds let you works well with its long battery life and can play nonstop for around 4 to 5 hours. Just like all Bluetooth, it allow fast pairing with all electronic devices.

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Earbuds

Phaiser distinguish itself from the other Bluetooth with it’s high definition of sound quality. It combines with high accurate HD sound and bass. It comes with a memory foam and let you isolate the external noise with the foam to reduce the background disturbance.

It major selling point we love for this earbuds is that it has a life time sweatproof warranty, for people that usually sweat alot, this is definitely a lovely one for you to exercise and ensure that your earbud will not be damaged with sweat. Just like the other, it also come with the magnet design for you to keep it tight in your neck when you doesn’t use it.

AELEC S350 Bluetooth Headphones

What else you can ask for with the stereo sound lossless technology, sweat proof functionalities, the ability to connect multiple devices seamlessly and a life time warranty?

The Aelec Bluetooth headphones let you wear with compatibility without the need to remove it or hurt your ear. It comes with an ergonomic angle and the design will not let you pop off your earphone easily.

It comes with three different colour, green, blue and black one.

Avantree Super Comfortable Bluetooth

With the aptX clear high and rich bass, the high quality level of sound for your comforability of your ears, the Avantree is definitely the choice. The major selling point is this earphone is super light, high battery with up to 40 hours of music time and it can also be used together at a wireless option so that there will not be any battery consumption. You can connect two phones at the same time! What for? This way you will never miss a call again.

After the call, no more hassle to press the headphone again, it will auto reconnect to your music device just now and continue the music of the sound your computer playing. They come with responsive email support and no hassle for the phone problem.

Audeze LCD-XC, BL, BB, TC Bubinga Planar Magnetic Headphones

If you are not looking for a headphone for sport or exercise but for the audiophile, musical usage purpose. The Audeze LCD magnetic headphone will definitely be an option for you. It closed back headphone and perfect isolation on ambient noise, will definitely ease your need.

For sure it is expensive if you are looking for this kind of level of headphone, however, the audeze sound quality is of elite level and record all the dynamic, nimble, neutral and all the quality of sound that you are looking for. The headphone is made and designed in the USA with the most finest material. The layout of made of the afircan bubinga wood and the modern cutting edge technology made it most fancy and yet functioning practical option in the head phone industry.

Bluetooth Headphones CSBROTHER

The above options is too big for you? You are not interested in having wires with you? There is not much option in the market with completely no wire and yet size is acceptable. The CSBROTHER ear phone is definitely the one that you are looking for, however, the flaw is that you have to cope with the battery life time as it only let you use up to 3-4 hours. However, if you are using them during commute or travel, this is definitely the choice.

The “invisible” bluetooth ear phone requires only one button control and allowing you to pair up two devices simultaneously and reconnect with phone that are paired previouly before.

The wireless option for this earphone come with one single colour, the most interesting part about this earbud is that you can use either of the earbud on any of your ear. No more left or right trouble!

True Wireless Earbuds, FKANT Gemini Completely Wireless V4.1 Dual Mini Bluetooth Headphones

The term TWS is invested together with this wireless earbuds, the true wireless technology allow you to have the two mini earbuds keep connected together without any need of cable. THere is no microphonic effect and you can enjoy your music anytime during workout or running.

The term EDR, stands for enhanced data rate together with this bluetooth let you pair the earbuds in no time. Same as its competitor, it let you use for around 3-4 hours music play time or 5 hours of talk time. It works in all major phone and one most interesting thing for this earbud is that for each earbud you can have them connected to different bluetooth devices. So in theory you can listen to two radio at the same time!

Wireless Earphones with 12 Hours Music Time

The QCY earphone distinguish itself from the other by its very nice case for your earphone. No more dust or hassle in worrying where is your earbud. It provide a 4 times longer battery life up to 12 hours of music time compare to other options in the market.

With maximum up 33 feet operation distance and allowing you to conduct call hands free and sound notification if you have any incoming call is definitely a win for you. This earbud is among all earbuds, the most ergonomic free and comforable secure fit earbuds for you.

You can switch the earbud to different devices at once single touch in few seconds and meaning that you can change the call with two different parties without the need to touch your phone.

Bluetooth Headset Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Sport Stereo Headset

Last but not least, looking for a cheap wireless bluetooth headphone? This white colour, pretending to be apple products style earphone can be your choice, up to 4 hours of talk time and around 150 hours of standby can be your festive gift to your friends if they are not familiar or fancy with the wireless earphone. The anti dropping design on the top let your earphone hold tight with your phone concretely


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