Best cordless lawn mower reviews 2019

PictureModelRatingPriceLatest Price
BLACK+DECKER CM1640 16-Inch Cordless Mower3.9$$
EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower4.0$$
Ryobi 16 in. 40-Volt Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower3.8$
Remington RM212B 24 Volt 19-Inch 3-in-1 Cordless Battery-Powered Push Lawn Mower3.7$
Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher4.3$$$


Cordless lawn mower is very lovely if you don’t have a large garden and want to make it taken out and used immediately. Not more hassle on the power cord. Collection of the power cord and the rest of the trouble. For sure it might sound very lovely, however everything has two sides, in this article we will review the Pros and Cons of using cordless lawn mower and recommend the best one that we have tried.

When does cordless lawn mower begin to popular?

Cordless lawn mower does not appear to the market 10 years ago. All people with a garden to fix only begin to have hear about the term cordless lawn mower when the market begin to seek for a simpler solution.

The most difficult part of having a cordless lawn mower is the use of battery.

The problem with using cordless lawn mower and things to aware

Electricity power issue

The power cannot last for a very long time in cordless lawn mower and in our test. The one we recommended in our top 10 lawn mower review list shows that the Fiskar can last for around 40 to 70 minutes depends on the frequency of use.

One point to note is that the cordless powered lawn mower have a problem in long sustainable battery life. When you use it for a while longer, the battery life will decay over time and this is not something that can be changed or replaced easily by yourself like changing your TV remote battery.

Weight and easiness to move the lawn mower

Let’s face it, it is not easy to move the lawn mower if you have a electric lawn mower that is very heavy. This is not something that you only have to carry for 15 minutes but at least an hour instead. As such, having a lawn mower that allow you to sustain in a longer period of time and move easily without too much weight is critical.

More often in time if you have not purchased a lawn mower before. You will not aware that the wheel type is also very important. The different type of wheel at your lawn mower will also determine if you can mobile the mower to different location.

The face and angle of availability is also critical. You should look for the one that let you changes the direction easily. More often this will affect the ability for you to change over the angle of the lawn mower.

Warranty period

Most of the lawn mower come with the warranty available for you to protect your lawn mower. However, not all of them let you choose how to have it transported. Make sure you chooses the one that allow you to call their support directly and they will send over the team to pick it up to fix accordingly. The last thing you want to happen is to need a truck to deliver your own malfunctioned mower to the location to fix. Which very often is not a convenient place to deliver to.

Easy to start option

Make sure to pick a lawn mower that is easy to start. Some may require you to have multiple selection on the button before you can turn on the engine. And that can require some basic knowledge to function. Your servants or your house wife might not be easy to understand the concept behind and broken it easily if it is turned to standby mode every time for too long.

Top recommended electric cordless lawn mower


BLACK+DECKER CM1640 16-Inch Cordless Mower

The black decker cordless mower is the recommended one in this review list. It comes with a powerful lithium battery that can last for a long period of time with fast recharge speed.

It has a easy to change battery arrangement and the whole battery can be detached within 10 seconds. Whats more is that this lawn mower is of extreme lightweight and is very easy to maneuver. The handle can be folded into perfect size near the mower for easy movement.

We have also mentioned the Black and Decker brand in the review:

Best Lawn Mower to Buy 

One thing that has to be mentioned in this cordless lawn mower is that is come with a very quiet mower function.


  • Light weight
  • High volume of battery
  • Collapsible structure


  • One single direction
  • No adjustment on the angle of handle


EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower


The EGO power provide up to 45 minute cut time and a quick 30 minutes charge time. Compare to other cordless lawn mower. The EGO Power comes with a better weather resistant control and can reduce the time that you need to pass it through the grass to mow your lawn.

As it name says, it come with a EGO Power mower and can reduce the noise for 30% and just like most of the design. It has a fold-able design and is very easy to store.

Worth mentioning is that they leverage the lithium battery. Which means you do not need to use any environmental unfriendly battery such as the acid version anymore. The LED headlights at the front let you see the lawn in a better version even in the evening time.


  • Uses of lithium battery
  • Larger cut area at a time
  • Quiet


  • Slower cutting speed compared to other version
  • Strong voltage


Ryobi 16 in. 40-Volt Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower


Make sure you know that the Ryobi lawn mower cutter only comes with one single level of height adjustment and especially designed for cutting the edges of grass.

The blade medal is completely made of metal and can last for a longer time with higher durability.


  • Small in size
  • Designed to cut the edge of grass
  • Value for money


  • Does not come with battery and charger


Remington RM212B 24 Volt 19-Inch 3-in-1 Cordless Battery-Powered Push Lawn Mower


The Remington is reputable to product various types of machine including the machine gun and other tools as well. When it comes to their lawn mower. They have a electric start and rest assured no priming or choking will happen. Just one single push and it’s all good to go.

It also provide you a variable speed control with enhanced drive system to ensure you that you will always cut at the perfect pace.

It minimize the strain on your hands and arms and at best designed for ergonomic handle and foam cushion grip for vibration absorbing.


  • Ergonomic grips design
  • Six different position for deck handling
  • Ability to remove battery in 5 seconds
  • Reputable brand form Remington


  • Heavy
  • Expensive


Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher


The Sun Joe push electric lawn mower come with a 13 amp motor that cuts in a large area of surface area – 17″ inch wide.

It is highly convertible mowing function and has a two years of warranty.

The cleaning for this lawn mower is relatively easy as it has a detachable cutting edge.


  • 7 different positions height control system
  • Allow mulcjhing and mowing function
  • Large cutting wide path – 17″ Inch


  • Limited height adjustment
  • It won’t tell you whether your mulching bag is full or not


Picking a lawn mower can be difficult or can be easy. Electric cordless lawn mower can be very attractive if you are a person that take using cord and tired of collecting wires. Make sure you understand the size of lawn mower you need, the type of electricity power that you look for and whether or not you have kids at home. Some of the electric lawn mower come with a safety button for you to choose from. But not most of them do have that.


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