Best Golf Clubs Reviews in 2019


Everyone wants to get a golf club for themselves. There are many things to consider when buying a golf club. Although the golf swing is always the most important compare to everything else. But the use of the golf clubs will allow you to make a much better swing.


Things to consider when buying a golf club

Knowing what you need

We are all humans but we all have different strength and body size. The perfect golf clubs with the type of weight, height and also the shafts stiffness does matters.

In experience, during the swing of the club, if the club head cannot be felt during the swing of motion. Then it can be a result of the shaft is too stiff.

Driver size

Generally speaking, the larger the size of the drivers means the easier you can hit the golf balls. However, though it might give you a better forgiveness and providing you a better transfer of momentum of the club head to the ball. The larger in the size of the club head may also result in a heavier club and strength required to pull up the golf swing for a perfect swing.

Use the golf club properly with the correct angle

When holding the golf club, the angle is critically important against the floor. For clubs that doesn’t lie in a proper angle, that means you will not be able to hit the ball in a straight line. Ideally, the club should make perfect contact in such a way that the length of the golf clubs is suitable on your hand height angle.

Importance of a good putter

A good putter is critically important. No matter how hard and far you can hit in using golf clubs driver. The putter will let you save a lot of handicaps. The shape and also the weight of the putter will give you the level of forgiveness in different degree. There are basically major putters namely mallet, mid-mallet and blade.

Removable and adjustable hosel

The adjustable hosel will let you remove the shaft easily from the club head and let you select different type of loft and angle on the hosel. If you reinstall the shaft and changes the club head, it let you controls the height and also the angle of hitting the ball as well.

Adjustable hosel is just newly invented recently in around 2008/2009. It usually found in the drivers, hybrid and also woods only.

Set the right budget

Golf set can be very expensive. Finding the correct budget for yourself to buy the perfect golf set can be important. To begin with, make sure you know what time of golf club you are actually in need. For some starters, golf number 7 and a pair of hybrid and drivers will suffice. The full set of golf clubs might now be really necessary at all.

Understanding the type of golf clubs

There is plenty of golf clubs, precisely speaking around 14 of them. However unless you know how to do a swing on the golf ball. Otherwise, there’s not much differentiation between the type of golf club.

Woods, in most of the situation is for the opening of a golf course. Woods are mostly designed in a hollow arrangement and let you hit the ball far and are designed in a more forgiving way.

Irons number ranges from 1 to 9. They are meant to provide a more flexibility in golf course where you need to land the ball into a precise exact location.

Putters consist of different angle of range. More often it has a 5 degrees different. While some people prefer to have a higher angle, most people prefer to have a straight face as it gives you a more stable performance.

Type of shafts

The type of shafts with different made of materials. E.g. Graphic or titanium. The higher the curve of the shaft will causes the more transfer of momentum from the swing to the golf ball.

Cavity back and muscle back irons

There are mainly two type of irons, namely cavity back and muscle back irons.

Cavity back provide a more forgiveness and there’s a hollow in the back of the golf clubs

Muscle back is mostly for more seasonable golfer as the weight is not distributed in all areas of the golf clubs. As such, if you want to hit the ball with a more consistent distant and direction, this muscle back will not help you on this aspect.

Top 10 sets of golf clubs recommendation and reviews


Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set


Callaway is put in the first of our review list. Not only because of it’s brand name but also of it’s high forgiving sweet spot and graphie shaft design. It is best for long distance handling and with high versatility. You can make shots where you normally would need to hit in a very difficult long iron clubs.

It comes with the progressive sole width technology so that you can further improve the control of the balls to the exact direction you want to hit.

All putter and mallet comes with the sign on the putter so that you can check the line alignment and the direction of hitting the balls.

This 12 piece of club sets can be the option as a gift as well. Along with the light weighted and highly durable black color stand bag. If you want to put a beer or coke in the stand bag while you playing in the course. This callaway golf club set can handle this as well.

In our reviews, our experts tried it with all range of height of golfer such as 5″5 to 6″3. Although 5″5 will be a little bit too short for this golf club, however it shall handle without any problem for most of the players.  In all, this is the perfect deal in terms of value for money and quality for intermediate and beginner golfer.


  • High forgiviness
  • Value for money
  • Light and durable stands


  • Not perfectly ideal for golfer shorter than 5″5
  • Designed in graphite only


Palm Springs Golf VISA V2


Though the brand is not very famous to all. The price it costs for the full set of clubs including drivers says it all. It has a 460cc oversized driver. Which in fact is the largest driver that is legitimately allowed to play on the golf course. With the huge sweet spot available. A normal swing or a day that you cant perform your best will be compensated by this driver.

The fairway wood is also a bit oversize compared to the normal golf clubs. Also bring you a larger sweet spot and ideal for hitting the ball off the grass without the use of a tee. This will comes in handy if you want to use this woods on hitting the ball with the tee in green.

The high cavity back designs make it a high moment of inertia (MOI). As such the center of gravity is lower compared to the other clubs. Allowing you to hit in a even more consistent ball hits. This is exactly the set of golf clubs that we would recommend for golf beginners to consider in overall quality and value for money.


  • Comes with a driver
  • High forgiveness due to 460cc size
  • Higher MOI


  • No left handed option available
  • Not a famous brand


Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Golf Club Set


The prosimmon golf set comes with golf graphite and steel option. A nice stand that can be extended for easy golf balls selection and picking. If you want to or need to carry your own golf club sets. Then the dual straps will give you more comfort and allow you to carry it throughout the course. Like above, it has a 460cc driver head and oversize 15″ farway wood for high forgiveness.


Wilson Unisex Profile XD Golf Complete Set


The Wilson Unisex golf clubs will ease you the pain if you want to share the club sets with your love one in the green. No more carrying two different set of clubs and problem. It has a supreme light weight and let user that is elder and does not able to handle a heavy golf sets. Therefore, reasonably, it only has a graphite option.


Adams Men’s idea 12pc set Left-Hand


Not many brand design golf club for left hand users. The golf club for left hand user and sole slot design in the hybrides will give you extra speeds and better launch angles with extra distance. The actual wrap around slot will expands the sweet spot for up to 44% more and giving you around 20% more extra speed. Time for some serious swing with this golf clubs sets.


Mens Right Handed TaylorMade Complete Golf Set Driver


The Taylor made golf set drivers is infamously well known for it’s professional and articulated design. With it’s unique game improvement technology. Very light weight for graphite shafts swing and hybrid provide added distance to the golf set. The putter comes with a very clear angle advises and sharp pin point showing you where you should hit to ensure a consistent performance over the few hours of actions.


TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Combo Golf Set


Beyond doubt. This is by far the most expensive golf sets in our reviews. And in fact in nowadays internet market you can choose from. It has a very high value of COR ( coefficient of restitution ). Which means you can transfer most of the energy from the golf sets to the ball. While giving it very low CG ( Centre of gravity ). You can move the golf club sets discretionary with weight lower.

It has a face slot technology and is engineered to M1 irons. Providing you a face slots forgiveness and struck toward the heel or toe. With speed pocket technology and made with various type of material with Taylor made newly research. The M2 combo sets has a better feature over M1 irons and improve ball speed to another level.


Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set


The Aspire golf set come along with the titanium driver and dual strap golf bag. This set of golf club is not designed for player taller than 6′ and it has two type of golf sets one for shorter person and one for taller players.


The Judge Mens Complete Golf Set


Among all the club sets. This 10.5 degree lightweight titanium composite forged driver provide a sweet spot with more forgiveness. Giving you a even larger sweet spot to rip off the tee. The rest is more or less the same like the rest of the golf sets. However one draw backs on this set is that it’s would require you to plus one inch if you are a taller person. Golf swing comes handy with a larger heavy weight at the center of the clubs.


Cobra Men’s Fly-Z XL Regular Flex Complete Set


The cobra men’s complete set is the designed for maximizing your distance and forgiveness. It is offered in a regular flex for average golfer. However during our order of this golf sets. The golf sets came incorrectly with club cover for the clubs. Things for amended immediately after the shops came and returned the goods to us.


No matter how good your swing are. You still need the perfect match of golf sets to let you swing in a direction that fits all. Like we mentioned at the beginning, know what you are looking for before buying one. Check the below button for reviewing more different type of golf sets that might suits your need.


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