Best Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor [Buyer’s Guide]

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Introduction – Buying an Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

Story of getting the best video baby monitor

The story begins when a good friend of my given birth of a daughter of hers. She is so excited and bought many different items for her daughter. After the maternity leaves, she have to get back to work and went to buy a security camera in amazon for just around 20 bucks. Surely it has the functions for her to connect to the video security camera via mobile devices and the set up is also very easy.

Things went bad as the security cam has only a limited angle of Vision on the screen and most importantly. The design of the security camera are not for infant. Her daughter grows up and she is being taken care her by domestic helpers. While the domestic helpers is already busy with her daughter milk powder preparation and many other stuff. She is not aware that the baby have grabbed the video baby camera and eventually put some parts of the food into her mouth.

While not noticing, the baby cries almost every night and since it is their first born baby, they are not sure whats wrong is happening. Frustrated and went to the doctor, Walter some X-ray inspection before they realize such critical medical mistake has happened.

After that, she have went ahead to look into the difference between a normal security camera and also an infant video baby camera. This incident have triggered me to write this guest post here on the review of having the good and perhaps the best video baby camera for you, I have done many researches on these and tried them on my best friends daughter personally. I am sure this review will give you some insights and save you a lot of time in picking the best video baby camera cam.

In this review, we will analysis the things you need to consider when buying an infant optics video baby monitor and tips that most people do not know. You may always get some amazon discount in amazon.

What is a video baby monitor

A video baby monitor has many different between a security camera. The video baby monitor itself is well designed and is not intended for baby to easily tear some of the parts apart or have some of the small components that can be sucked easily into mouth.

The video baby monitor are usually equipped with a night vision for you to check with your baby easily and do not need you to worry about the baby at night.

What’s more, we all know that the baby eyes is very fragile, and the security camera might have the signaling on some of the LED lights which can hurt your baby eyes badly in a long term. ( We all know that baby like to stare at one point for a long time )

While some video baby camera have the functions and ability for the automatic tracking and locate the baby using heat radar. This can also bring some additional fun to your stalking to your baby while away from home or you are at office.

The thing is, if you are going to check your baby and you do not want a super wide angle installed at your home top left corner. Because your baby will be too small and you cannot look at your loves one facial expression. Who’s know if that is a doll placed in there right? Besides joking, the fact that these all wide angle, though come with the ability for you to zoom closer to the object like a TV control. The problem is that you will have to spend a lot of time in controlling the video camera to focuses on where your baby is. This is very annoying if you have to control and find where your baby is using the normal security camera.

Why do you need a video baby monitor

Apart from the above points related to lowering the risk of video baby monitor. The use of the video baby monitor will allow you to keep track of your baby and also the interaction with your baby.

Some video baby monitor do even provide some audio speaking ability.

Cheaper in cost

It is in fact more cheaper than the use of the normal security control system. The use of the video baby monitor is usually cheaper and the recording will provide a better images and also the quality level for you to enhance the interaction with your baby and also provide a feeling to your Abby that you are still near him or her and is beneficial for her or his growth during the infant stage.

Easier to install

Most of the baby video camera is designed in a way that is much easier for you to install. While the security cams and the video options will take more time for the installation and also for you to make the settings available. The use of the baby video camera will allowing you to just plug it and install the battery and will be be used easily.

The audio system allow you hear the situation

The thing about using the video camera is that you want to make sure there is no accident or anything that go adverse situation. If the use of the audio enabled ability video camera, you might be able to hear.the situation and even some apps allowing you not to open the screen video situation and just purely listen to the audio. This thus allowing you to understand the environment of your home while you are not at home.

Higher movability

Security cameras are usually installed in the corner and is not designed for you to changes the location often. If you have a Avy and they want to move from palaces to places. There is some remote system that allow you to move the location of the video baby recorder from different location. Allowing you to relocate the digital audio monitor much easier.

Temperature checking of the room

Baby are very sensitive to the temperature of the room. Therefore the use of the temperature detector is very critical in allowing you to check what is going to the situation of the room. As such, if you have installed the video baby recorder, this will enhance the temperature checking ability and thus in a long run you will be able to appreciate this benefits from this configuration.

Door checking ability

Some of the baby video camera have the two dual camera function allowing you check whether the baby video camera has some of the door area is being opened. Giving you the ability to check the setup of the doors and alert yourself if there is anything go adverse.

How we tested the video baby monitor

Using the long standing hours of testing

We tested the video camera with over 72 hours each and to ensure that the video quality and also the machine is able to sustain the long hours of opening and witching on. After all, some of the machines cannot sustain the long hours of running and will fall off easily.

Changes of the lends and check the quality of the images

We detach and attach the lens for different video baby monitor and to make sure that the quality of the images is clear enough for you to zoom into the baby infant much easier.

Audio checking functions

With the testing of the audio setup. We allow our-self to check the audio functionaries and to make sure the ability for audio speaking functions is a perfectly functional. The audio speaking ability is useful if the location of the baby is quite far and the infant requires a very big button for the infant to one click to use the audio system.

Things you need to consider when buying a video baby monitor


Pricing is always the most important things that you need to consider. When considering the pricing, there is many options in the market. Very often, amazon to provide discount ** to for the selling some of older generation of version.


The size is critical. The size determine whether the use of such video baby recording device is useful and suitable in that environment. For some of the size of the video camera recording, it can take up to more places and you will not be able to relocate them easily.

Sound-activated light system

The sound sound activated light system is critical as it can allow you to have the system itself turned on immediately itself when your baby have made some sound. This is useful because most the time your baby should be sleeping and when you have this system turned on. It will allow you to have your video recording to be opened anytime.

Wireless system

There is many functions than before and also the battery life-span has also improved a lot. This thus will allow you to have the wireless option and do not need to have the cable and pipeline stacked along-side the video baby monitor. This will gives yu more options for moving the wireless system to different area of location as well.

Low battery alert functions

While the battery life can sustain up to few days, the use of these low battery alert functions will also allow you to have a better understanding of your battery life span and know when is the time for the charging. Reduces the risk for you to not able to sustain the baby video monitor throughout the day.

Frequency of the video baby monitor

There are different uses of frequencies for the recording of the baby video monitor. While some uses the higher frequencies of around 1200 MHz or higher. There is some researches saying that the uses of the lower frequencies around 800MHz will definitely lower the risk on your health of your baby.


Infant Optics DXR-8 Review

Best Part: It has the best video quality compare to all infant Optics review

Only problem: You cannot take any snapshots or record video using this camera or monitor

With the use of this infant optics DXR-8 you can monitor your video and also the audio test and it is very easy for your usage given no any idea in handling the issues in between.

If you want to look at the baby in details and also in high qualities. Then this Infant Optics DXR-8 will definitely be the best of all for your testing. It provide a smooth setup up for this video baby monitor for extremely quick and easiness.

This video baby monitor come with a strong and a strong camera for our comparison and comes to an extremely high video quality of the infant optics. You will projects all high quality of the images of your baby to you in a clear and smooth way. If you are looking for the ability for hooking up this to four more different cameras. Then this will be the ideal one for you to monitor from each off them.

From a parent perspective, the main problem with this video baby monitor is that you cannot record all the video or take any snapshots with it. That means that if you want to record any moment for your baby then you cannot do this and you would have to use your own phone to take the photo for such purposes.

This infant optics has a very high in credibility in the easiness for your testing.

Yoong charging of this video of the parent unit overnight you can use it and it can be run for more than 24 hours a day.

In our another test, we also see that for a strong eight hours of power saving mode, and also testing the noise level of this infant video baby monitor, the result is that it will only uses up for a very lower amount of percentage for the infant baby optics camera. The noise level is also extremely low compare to the other obstacles and you would not need to pay for any extra fee for the minimization of the sound in this sense.

The best of all is that this optics baby monitor has the ability for you to uses the convenience of Wu-FI capability for the handling of AV output. This will definitely the thing that you ar relooking for if you wan to enlarge your baby images to a larger image size to the television.


Philips Avent Smart Baby Monitor SCD

Best part: This video baby monitor is definitely the best warranty option during our comparison, the warranty options and also the branded name from Philips will gives you the best confident for them to handle the maintenance in the future

Problem: The only problem is that it an be very difficult for you to set up the monitor with your Wi-FI if you have to set it up with the connection to the larger screen.

While this baby monitor might not be well designed for the settings up for the Wi-FI connections. The setup process is easy however it will not be able to connect to the wi-if connection itself. It would require some basic knowledges in the ports settings but in all, if you have any warranty issues and problem, this one will gives you the best handling for their maintenance department as Philips literally don’t fix but will just change the new one for you.

In all this Philips Agent Smart Baby Monitor SCD860 is among the best and excellent video baby monitor and this is so far the best clear video and audio quality option for your simple and convenience and brings you to some another level for checking your baby from wherever your places are.


Motorola MBP36S Review

Best part: This Motorola MBP36S is an extremely powerful microphone functions for you to detect all the sound and voices made by your baby.

Only problem: You cannot control the direction and zooming of the camera easily.

The only problem with this baby monitor is that this two way communication and also sound equipped machine will give you the clear voice ability to listen to your baby. What’s best is that when your baby emit some sound, then you can even have the reminder signal from the equipment to let you know this has happened.

However, as you can see from the baby monitor function itself, it has a very limited angle for the baby video camera and therefore for the remote control of the video monitor, this would therefore make you a strong directional buttons on the side of the monitor with a slightly confusing for their vertical layout.

You need to remember that when suing these directional controls. The moving for these care will be easily like an pressing of a single button.

This monitor also uses a 2.4GHz frequencies for the signal strength between the parent unit and also the child connection. During our test, this parent unit will be also functional for a 150 feet away from the camera. And it can be worked up to a 1000 feet away from the outdoors.

You also being reminded when you let this happened once this is out of range for the camera. And you can earn the baby monitor for a strong tested connectivity during the positioning for around one unit upstairs with the monitor on the floor directly.

Like mentioned, this Motorola MBP36S is famous, like their brand, from their microphone signing system and thus allowing you to reduce the time required for the chances of missing when our baby is wake up.


VTech VM343 Review

Best part: The best part about using this vibrated mode will lets you know that when your baby will need your presence.

Problem: Lower distance effectiveness

The VTech VM343 is a very simple to use video baby monitor and for the settings that you will only need your nbaby to needs you. This power saving feature will keeps all the battery running for almost over the nine hours and let you default the monitor for the sleep mode.

This VTech camera is will named for their strong particularly noteworthy functions for the high video quality level.

The best part about using this camera is that it can have the extremely silent vibrate mode and you do not need to spend any external time for the handling of all the video pad and afraid that it might be a problem for you to understand that your baby is waken up.

We recommend that you should never have this camera connect to a far distance between this camera and with the other vision machine.

This VTech VM343 will allow you to access the FAQs page and you can see what is going on and things that you need to amend and set up for a clear and strong vision settings.


Levana Ayden 32115 Review

Best part: Very life long baby saving power

Only problem: No remote camera angle changes.

The Levana Ayden is a very simple to use baby monitor an the best thing is that if you are a parent and you go to the almost completely dark room. The use of the low light settings for this video camera will allow you to easily not hurt your eyes.

It has the good working PEEP mode and that if your baby is at sleep. This monitor will gives you the ability to activates the happening in the good quiet environment for your eyes.

This camera has a good 640 x 480 resolution picture for your parent monitor and 3.5-inch screen. This monitor is a very low and strong resolution compared to the camera. During our review, we figure that this camera will only allow you to set the camera to one single direction of view and therefore you cannot have all the baby video view tracker to see whats going on to your baby.

To reminded that this video camera only comes with a 1 year warranty, and it does not have a support number and therefore you would need to call them if you have encounter any problem during the discussion.


Foscam FBM3501 Baby Monitor

The Foscam baby monitor is ranked the best sellers in the amazon **. You can purchase it with a very cheap discounted offer and to includes all the function and basic features you need for a baby monitoring system. With an excellent reviewed comments provided by the baby monitor, you can check whats the details and items you need to know for such arrangement.

It allow you to record audio in a distanced level and also with the strong detecting system for the Foscam FBM350 baby monitoring system that can be used as a replacement or an add-on camera for you to uses the Foscam FBM350 Abby monitoring system easily.

It also come with an non-visible IR night vision and the ability for automatic sensor detection.

We recommended this baby monitor into our top list here because it will also have the ability to detect and link with the second camera. That means you do not need to spend time in the handling of the detection and connection and reduces the time require for your handling.

If you are the type of parents that do not even want to worry about more of the video baby monitor, then the use of this video camera will allow you to have a big picture and functionalities for the settings without the need to waste much time here.


Anmeate Digital 2.4 Ghz Wireless Video Monitor

Anmeate has been in the market for many years and they are infamous for their superior high resolution display with 2x of zooming and magnficiation ability.

Using this video baby monitor, you are able to have up to 8 different infrared LED lights that allow you for the smooth and constant monitor of your babies activities. Some other built in function and features including the ability for automatic night vision and temperature monitoring.

Sometimes if your baby are sleeping at night and most of the time the room is completely dark, this built in light vision camera will allow you to detet and read the baby in a superior clear vision like owl.

One thing worth mentioning is that it has a 3 months full refund guarantee option. Therefore you can always arrange for a refund if you are in need.

There is just one slight problem though. The cost is the most expensive among all other option. However you can always check for the discount offer from time to time here in amazon.


iBaby M6T HD Wi-Fi Digital Baby Video Camera Montior

This cute and nice baby video camera is designed to handle all of the technical issues that you might have. Worth mentioning is that it only has 720p version. However it is equipped with two way audio and echo cancellation that means you can always hear your baby voice and sound very clearly.

The best thing for this camera and the reason for a little bit more expensive price due to its 360 degree pan. Meaning that you do not need to trouble and think about the angle of such degree pan video camera.

During our review, we are able to install this device within 2 minutes from unboxing.


Project Nursery HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Designed and come with the multiple users linkage with built in IOS and android apps. This allow you let you and your wife/husband to view the baby camera using the same apps.

Interesting thing about this baby monitor is that you can emit some nature sounds and also some baby lullibies. As if you are interacting wth your baby sweetly.


VTech VM346 Safe and Sound Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor

Come with a cute bear-alike design, it has all the functions that the above 9 recommended video camera. Whats extra is that it has a vibratings ound alert for the parent unit to remind you that your baby is awake.

No more worries and stop what you are doing and go to the room and check whats going on with your lovely babe.

The only bad thing about this baby montior is that it does not allow for a 360 degree rotation, but if your baby is at infant stage and will only be sitting or sleeping at the baby bed, then this baby monitor should definitely do the trick.


To conclude, the use of the dual camera baby monitor and some audio enabled function for the baby video camera is critical. This will allow you to enable the cameras to provide checking of these baby that moves around of even sleep sweetly at their bed.

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