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Best mountain bike to buy review – Ultimate Buyer Guide 2019

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Introduction – Buying the best mountain bike

When picking the best mountain bike to buy. This can be a critical and uneasy question. In choosing the best mountain like. You should consider the type of bike style and most important key features that you are looking for.  In this review, we will provide you the detailed guideline to aid you to choose the best mountain bike to buy. You may always get some amazon discount in amazon.


Things to consider when buying best mountain bike

Level of Rigidity

There is a large range of rigidity. To begin with, the more the suspension means the higher the level of rigid it is. It doesn’t mean that the higher the rigidity definitely means it is better for you to handle the bike. In more often, some professional players are looking for lower rigidity and even close to no suspension unit for a better mountain bike control.

Suspension fork, of namely the hardtail

The hardtail version is usually that have a higher suspension fork at the front and relatively lower strength at the back. This is beneficial if you are using both the front and also the rear shock for the absorbers functionality.

Price range

When it comes to the budget. This is definitely worth mention. However, there are many misconceptions that finding a mountain bike must be something very expensive. In fact, when it come to the new 20 centuries. The technologies have already improved quite a lot. Very often you can have a good mountain bike at the price of around 500 strings or much less than that.

The most important features are weight and it comes to where 80% of the cost goes to the aluminum frames The more time and money you spend on improving the bike weight will be easier for you to control the climbing and future acceleration speed.

Maintenance cost

If you are frequent users. Then the maintenance budget can be critical for you. It can be as expensive as around 200 strings if you use the bike around twice a week. Most of the time and cost spent are on the tires and especially on the new type of chain. The problem with the chain is that it can be worn out very easily.

Even if you are planning to do some more off-road riding and you can save the cost of it. Eventually, the chain in the mountain bike will cost you 90% of the maintenance cost. As such we always recommend you to select the mountain bike that comes with a longer warranty period.

Type of materials – Alloy, aluminum, carbon or steel

While many might think that definitely, the lighter is better. However, the answer ultimately depends on what type of road and grass you and your bike are going to conquer. If it frame material is made with all aluminum. No doubt it will be too weak for you to sustain the strong impact from height tot he ground. As you progress to the most professional areas. You will see that the appearance and also the carbon in the fork will cause the portions and the frame to weaken. Most of the time the aluminum will be the most difficult to handle hard knocks and it can let you stride to it more easily.

The Carbon is usually most temperamental and it can crack all type of frame damage from careless and handle all the toast. Only if you consider yourself with a long commute time. Otherwise, the smaller weight different will not give you much advantage.

The inches of wheel

Standard wheel inches is around 26 to 28 inches. While some can go ups to 30 inches. It helps you to handle better the suspension and absorbing all the heat it generated from the friction between the wheel and the ground.

With the faster and narrower tires, it will assist you to generate the speed in hybrid bikes. If the consequences of the abusive urban design are not your concern. Then you should always go for the wheel bikes.

Size of the bike and why does it matter

Unlike buying normal bikes for your kids. The mountain bikes are very tailor made. The clothes and also shoes and also the size between the manufacturers is so critical that you will need to have a bike with a nice 54 cm from for your bike to handle. It can be smaller and not easy for you to handle if you have a large bike and not family with how to handle the grass and control of it.

Mountain bikes are usually designed with a strong sloping top tube meaning that the frames are now made with a much smaller size than they used to have in the past.

The fitting of the reach and saddle

It’s conceivable that when using the mountain bike. kThe control of the bars with the distance between the race nd also bars will decide whether this gives you a good ride or not.

You should determine if this position is the one that you are looking for. Unless you have sufficient training on the bike that you have purchased. Otherwise, some hands-on experience and control of the bike with the level of standard spacing will definitely be the crux to reduce you the pain in all these matters.

The importance of a combo pedals

One of the major differences that distinguish a mountain bike to a normal bike. Apart from its wheel size and also the weight of the bike. Will definitely be the pedals. The pedals are critical for you to control clipping mechanism and these are the styles that you need to ensure it integrates firmly with all other sides.

The most important trade-off between these combo pedals and with other weight is that the clipless only pedal problem will tend to rotate so it can be difficult for you to feel the feet on the pedal for next movement.

While the too firm petals will cause yourself to not ale to changes the angle and direction of the bike easily.

Frame size, what is the optimum size

Farmer’s size comes with various height in centimeters. It can be measured down to the tube and also the critical of the height is definitely the length of it.

The top tube might sometime call as the effective top tube. It has the tube itself for sloping and the dimension is critical matters for the horizontal distance between the seat tube.

While most of the easiest way for you to test the distance is to put yourself to the bike and have a gut feeling of the comfortability of it.

Though, n the professional mountain bike arrangement. The most usual way is actually to have the handlebar height adjustable. It can cause your neck and shoulders to be very sore if you riding it for a longer period of time. You can also reduce this problem by raising the stem o the space between the flipping and the handlebar stem so that it will point to the correction direction which is upwards.

The optimum seat height

Now, we all can see how important of the seat hike is. Even if you seat on the chair at your office. You are expected to have a good height at the hair positioning. The core concept here is that your knee should have a slight bending to it when you are a the bottom of the pedal stroke. This way you can extend your leg to the straight position nd apply the power to the bicycle and put your pedal to the six clock position.

Related to the handle repositioning, you might also know that the higher and shorter it is. The can cause many riders on the bike to think that they are just too big. The compact geometry and also the bikes are sold in a stem so to fit the highest possible position.

Riders should aways test our own bike before finding the best mountain like to compassion you to all the up and downs.


Mongoose Men’s Montana sports wheel

This old brand name Mongoose since 1974 MTB aluminum hard tail frame suspension fork is designed to handle all types of crips steps. Light and strong alloy with good rims support for the 17-19 inch type.

Navy color and with a trail-ready ride for all the fashioned mountain fun. During our review, the best for this brand is definitely its pedaling is much easier compared to the other aluminum hardtail mountain frame and it has a very smooth 21-speed Shimano tourney twist shifters.

It saves you a lot of energy for you to pedal and this 21-speed Shimano tourney twist will turn you away from a different playground. The Alloy gives you nice and strong brakes with crips stopping at all time. It will protect and support you on all the gnarliest rides.

It gives you the option to choose three type of wheel, from standard, supra and also Fat version up to 114 mm and upper. Check for the latest discount offer here in amazon.


Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

This Kent Thruster 27-inch suspension MTB frame with the fork of 65 mm travel give you the strong linear pull brake. It has a good alloy wheel rims and the utilization of the floating beam suspension design gives it the ability to sell number one in amazon.

KZ2600 features version has a 21 speed Shimano shifters and also the rear derailleur. Giving it the wheel set to feature the rim profile and strong alloy hubs.

This stopped all the disk brakes on the front and the rear and are built for the long haul.

Some people might convert the time it requires for handling the assembly if you ship the parts from amazon. During our review, it only takes around 30 mins for you to have all the things to put together. The best is that the adult size bike is also available together with the children version and you might have a nice bike version together with your children and enjoy the weekend happily.

One thing worth mentioning is that it doesn’t have a quick release on the rims so that you have to control the pedal yourself with much more skills.


Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Mountain Bike 

Comes with two colors with either all black or blue version and 5 ranges of sizes for your to choose from.

This mountain bike is made for fund riding on the pavement and for light dirt trails.

The 21 speeds will le you go up and down easier and to strengthen yourself in the long ride.


Polygon Bikes Bend RV Cyclocross Bicycle

This polygon bikes with have a full string of Shimano with 105 drivetrains and up to 22speeds. These hydraulic discs brakes give you a very strong stopping power to ensure you will not fall off the mountain.

The lightweight ALX advance endurance hydro is made with all from. What’s the best is that you can even change the warranty of the bike based on the customer service and to request the customer drive on the basis of your need.

The quality of the components and also the full Shimano with brakes gives you the slightly inferior brakes. You can see that here in the amazon review that everyone is fascinated with the saddle comfortable and you do not need to switch it immediately and very often.

This gives you a very nice compact road gearing for all sort of cyclocross and is fine for the daily trainers.

One thing you need to know is that it have a long mechanical position and together with the fine-tuned saddle adjustment for a shorter stem You can adjust the performance and race easily.


Raleigh Bikes RXS Single Speed Cyclocross Bike

This fancy light design is truly a gift int he market. No more words are sufficient for this product and with this bike. You do not need to care about all the muddy, crips and friction of the road. The cyclocross is a modern bike that design precisely for the challenges of the cross.

While Raleigh are so famous that it has a long history since 1887. What causes us to fascinate more is their commitment and also the spreading of the joy when you have with this brand.

However, since the cost of this bike is not something that very affordable, it doesn’t have a detailed review yet in amazon.


Rambo Bikes 750W Police Bike

Made for police, you can see how strong it can able to sustain all sort of road. The bike comes with a thick wheel that can handle all sort of crips and road for alignment.

The only problem with this bike is that the weight of this bike is not light. You will need to assemble this bike yourself or request for the assembly in the market.


Mongoose Teocali Pro Wheel

This sharp and nice color yellow wheel is the entry version with the different size for you to choose. It has full cookies for you to handle all the cutter categories and strong versatility with the valuable commodity. It is no different in the trail and all you need to control for the clum is the tricky patches in between.

It can take uphill and bomb to the downhill of the bike area. The versatility is also the Teocali design and with good travel dominate all the gnarly and rocky trails. If this bike, you can save all the energy and turn this bike to everything you need in terms of budget and level of difficulty.


Diamondback Atroz Comp Mountain Bike – Nashbar Exclusive

Simple version that comes with only two sizes. Either small or medium range for your selection. The Diamondback is the section for a trail with 27.5″ full suspension mountain bike for you to handle all sought of road conditions.

The Atroz Company foundation has designed this bike with an aluminum frame and can conquer sports for 4″ of rear travel courtesy of RockShox rear shock. The strong suspension frame with the seal of cartridges bearing the pot will let you come with nice and smooth visit design. The suspension is rear because the are less moving parts. Moreover, with this mountain bike design, you may handle the rims incredibly with strong tires and string. Let you spin the pattern 3x smooth all day long.


BEIOU Carbon Dual suspension mountain bicycles

The BEIOU carbon dual is definitely one of the most recommended versions of all. Nice orange color with carbon fiber. Shipping internationally to all nearly all countries and simple et sufficient 11-speed system. The Shimano 315 braking system and a strong wheel with 720mm carbon fiber.

This air suspension fork will give you the rear suspension with the amount of inch you need. This RT 27.5 MTB wheelset with carbon fiber hubs and 60 TPI tires.

During our review, we fancy for the design especially on the rear triangle part and with the famous Mitsubishi high carbon fiber. Providing you a strong tensile strength to 4410Mpa.
The weight of the bike is also something worth mentioning with the only 12.7KG. However, do make sure you aware that this bike is not for professional as it only comes with a maximum of 11-speed type.


Chelsea Unisex 14 Inch Wheel Folding with Full Suspension

If you are not the ordinary type of person and looking for some special type of arrangement in the bike. Then this Chelsea Unisex 14 Inch wheel folding will definitely be the ideal choice for you.

With two color simple yet typically white and black. With it’s easy to carry arrangement and foldable option. You can carry this along to any places you want.

This mountain bike gives you a smart and fast USB charging interface design. The large LED front light and also anti-shocking disc brakes give you the paddle that you need.

This foldable pedals and alloy spokes flying wheel will be the set that you need to go to all the places if you travel from countries to countries and do not want to stop doing some serious bike conquering!


To conclude, upon all the features. The size and also the weight is definitely critical. There are often many discount offer up to 70% in amazon. Do check for the these options with our link and know the benefit of saving your bank some bucks.


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