Best Tower Fan To Buy for home and office in 2019

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Best Tower Fan To Buy – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide You Need to Know:

Keeping the room cool during the summer season is a challenging task. For the better circulation of the indoor air, many people give preference to a fan. A wide range of fans is available in the market. You can easily find a suitable fan but getting the best one with high efficiency is still a tricky job. Particularly, when you are looking for a fan for the office, there are many things to consider. Distractions at work place can hamper productivity. The atmosphere at the office must be calm enough.

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Things to consider when buying a tower fan

Tower fan is a good substitute of noise-making fans. In case you are still thinking about the best tower fan to buy. You must have a glance here on the best options for tower fan. Here we are giving you full details about top 10 best tower fans of 2017. Finding the best fan to buy is not so much difficult. You should have enough knowledge about these below-mentioned points.


1-    The good news is that keeping your house or room cool using tower fan is not costly.

2-     Now you have the pleasure to cool down the temperature of your room with having a hole in your pocket.


1-    Due to their unique size and design they can spread the airflow in the entire room easily.

2-    Tower fan has more airflow velocity than any other type of fan. This means per minute more cubic feet of air.

Dimming feature

1-    Unlike the ordinary fan tower fan swings. This enhances the area in which it can direct the airflow.

2-     There are some tower fans in the market which can rotate a full 360 degree. In addition, they also come with adjustable lighting selection for comfortable sleep in the night.


1-    A wide range of tower fan is available for sale. There are different brands which offer mostly three-speed settings viz. low, medium, and high.

2-    There are some costly brands which can also offer additional settings as well, with that, it will be very easy for you to control the direction of the air flow. The best tower fan to fan on the speed is definitely that something you can contorl and decide in a long run.

Remote control

1-    Not all the tower fans come with remote control. Definitely, this feature is going to cost you a bit more than others. But there are rewarding paybacks of a remote control, so it is better to spend some money.

2-    But it is better to buy the tower fan with this because it gives you supremacy to control the direction of airflow, regulate the speed and manage other functions. You can say in simple words that the best tower fan to buy which come with Remote control.


Easy for storage or not

1-    Mostly they are just like their name. They are tall and narrow in shape. They can cover a large area when it comes to distribution of airflow, but they are not consuming much space.

2-    You can easily install them in your small office or room. The overall space is nearly one square foot. Well, this is amazing because you can easily put them in a corner. You search for the tower fan to buy may now end with these wonderful options.


Honeywell HYF290B

Intriguing shape

This scrupulous model of Honeywell is looking great with black color. The shape is really nice and consuming very less space. In order to buy it today with the special discount price, you can place your order on

Best of all – remote control

There can be nothing better than controlling your fan turning the flow of air towards your sitting position.

Dimming feature

You can easily keep this product in your bed room. The special control to control the brightness of the controlling panel is amazing.

Auto shut off timer

You can adjust the timer in order to organize the activity of this tower fan. In this time you can set auto shut-off timing ranging from one hour to eight hours.


1-    Larger area may not be cooled properly

2-    In order to get cool air extreme hot weather is an obstacle.



Fascinating figure

It is very beautiful and conscientious model. There is nothing which looks more aristocratic than black color. The overall space which is covered is very less which makes this product best suitable for your office or small room. In order to best buy this product, you can place your order on

Quiet performance

Unlike the other fan, this one is great with quiet performance and you can easily sleep or work while it is on. Even it is quite possible that you will even forget that the fan is running or not.

Air flow

Now you don’t have worry about adjusting your seat according to air flow of the fan. No matter where you are sitting this tower fan is more than efficient to provide you excellent cool air in all directions. There are three-speed settings and you can adjust them with no trouble.

Digital display

Even in the darkness, you can easily see the digital panel on the top of this model. This gives you the freedom to control it whenever you want. Easy-to-see and easy-to-use remote controls make this first choice of many people.


1-    In some cases, it is possible to experience some sound of the motor.

2-    The position of the cord is not suitable.



Enthralling stature

After watching the design and picture of this you can only say WOW! This model is available for a discounted sales with advance technology of Air Ionizer. The total length is forty-two inch and it is available in dashing silver color. The imported plastic is outstanding when it comes to durability.

Stylish wind speed method

For the better experience, advanced wind curve design is used with the amazing 42.5-inch height. You can have the immense pleasure of air distribution after installing this master piece in your room. There are three-speed settings installed to endow with a complete hold on the air flow.

Power proficient

You can control the functions through auto control which make is more energy saver product than others. In addition, fused safety plug is also provided so that you can sleep peacefully without any hesitation.


1-    The air flow is not that much impressive.

2-    The length of air flow is short.



Action-packed formation

You can see the new definition of perfection after watching the superb design and stunning features of this model. With all the sophisticated features this is available for sale on the The lavish dark gray color and 42-inch height make are perfect to be placed in your office or bedroom.

Trendy current of air

The great oscillating design is more than efficient to provide you superb air flow in all the directions.  In addition, there are three speeds so that you can opt for the most appropriate one according to your need. Excelling remote also comes with it with the hi-tech look.

Hours of darkness mode

In this particular mode you can turn off the lights of digital control but the machine will be still on. In addition is also available in two different configurations viz. ground with pedestal or base attached fan.


1-    Air moving capacity is average.

2-    The prize of the fan is a bit expensive for this class.

There is just one slight problem though. The cost is the most expensive among all other option. However you can always check for the discount offer from time to time here in amazon.


Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Well just like its name you can expect to have the cool breeze in your house after putting this wonderful Honeywell fresh breeze tower fan on work. The design and shape are super stylish.

Powerful remote control

The best thing about this model is that the power of remote control is exclusive and can exceed all your expectations.

Three speeds

You can adjust the speed of the fan according to your requirements. In addition, the timer function is also provided which gives your freedom of auto shut off from one to twelve hour. This saves energy and reduces your electricity bill as well.

Latest technology

The advanced and latest technology of keeping the temperature stable is used. Which means you can instruct the machine to keep the room cooling at a certain point through the programmable thermostat.

Washable air filter

You can enjoy the filtered air and this maintains the healthy air in your surroundings. The best part is that these filters are easily washable.

Swinging of air

No matter where you are sitting in the room you can just give the command using remote to redirect the flow of air towards you. This is really amazing to have the remote control with built-in flashlight.


1-    Fan size is not so much big.

2-    The functioning of temperature is limited.


LASKO #4930

This stunning product of Lasko which is available in Gray color and you can buy this on The overall look is really nice and stable design provide it fully grip on the floor. Digital panel is also on the top so that you can watch every activity without any hassle.

Easy to handle design

The best part of this model is that it is supported with extremely nice handle. You can carry it from one place to other easily with any trouble.

Safety first

In order to avoid any kind of unwanted happenings the patented fused safety plug is also provided. You have a safe and sound sleep now.

Remote- controlled air flow

You can have the air flow in your direction just by placing your figure on the remote. The working of remote is really nice and it comes with a very good range. The incredible back storage of remote is also very impressive.


1-    Noise level is a bit higher than others.

2-    Work smoothly only on low speed.


Honeywell HS-1655 stand fan

You will be surprised to see the powerful air flow of this astonishing stand fan. The fan is available in black color. To best buy this product you can place your order now on the

Largest coverage

What can be more comfortable than this? This will cover the entire room and provide you best cooling.

Exceptional speed directions

In this class of product you will find only three speeds but here five speeds are available in Honeywell HS-1655.  In addition, you can also enjoy quiet control features with latest White noise part.

Moving in all directions

The rigidity of fan can also limit its utility but here you will be getting oscillation feature. A wide area is covered by the cooling of this fan.

Wide base

The wide base gives this model more grips on the floor which means there is no need to worry about anything. You can also move this portable fan where you want without any trouble.


1-    Beeping sound is annoying.

2-    LED is very bright.


GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1

This astonishing product keeps control on allergies through the air. The size is compact and easy to move with noise reduction system. To purchase this product in the lowest prize order it now at

HEPA Filter

This special filter is capable of keeping your in house air healthy. This filter can remove approximately hundred percent of dirt and other types of harmful substances. It also keeps the air fresh from odors.

Air purifier

For the better and hygienic air UV-C is installed inside. Most of the harmful bacteria of the air can be easily killed by this.

Speed tower

It can be easily used for the medium sized room because of three speeds and twenty-two-inch tower.

Safety certified

The best part is that this product is certified for the safety by Intertek. This is an organization is has recognition on the national level.


1-    Better for only a few hours of regular use.

2-    There are some technical issues may be till now they are removed by the company.



With the excellent and latest design and the most modern techniques you can buy this product after discount at

Stunning and fashionable look

The best part is that this wonderful piece is coming with a digital controlling panel on the top. All the combination of latest technology is made in this product.

Silent Motor

Unlike the other cooling tower fans, the motor of this machine has no noise. Which means you can work with great cool and calm atmosphere without any distraction.

High-quality parts

All the parts are verified with a quality team of the company for the long last working.

Safe design

The design is checked the for the safety concern and there is nothing to be concerned.

Swinging power

The swinging power of this tower fan is amazing and you can have better cooling no matter where it is placed.


1-    Noise level is higher than others.

2-    Digital meter looks nice but material is average


Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan

Very last but not least. We put this Ozeri 42 inch wind fan to the best of the best in this article. During our testing and the survey from our uers. We see that it has the ability for you to boast the a very peaceful wind and a good power saving design. Helps you with the room decor and also generate much more air velocity for you in a very less noise for the noiseless airflow.

IT features with 3 different programming system and the timer let you hassle free and do not need to worry that you have forgotton to swtich th fan off.

It is also extremely easy to assemble and help you with the shipping from this famous company which is made for the design of the tower fan.


The above-mentioned products are outstanding and highly appreciated by the users. Everyone has different budget and requirements so it is better to know what exactly are you looking for and your budget before place your order. It is most advisable to buy a product which can be used with and without a remote control to avoid any kind of inconvenience. There are also some other products available in the market, you should make proper comparison among the features and price of the products. It is also better to have a glance on some other reviews for more understanding and right decision to decide which one is the best tower fan to buy.

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