Best vegetable mandolins slicers/ spiral slicers [Buyer’s guide] 2019

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  • Matfer Bourgeat
  • The stainless steel housing and pusher, the knife holder made with the cast aluminum and blades for tempered stainless steel..
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  • Premium adjustable mandoline slicer
  • What’s the best is that they are so confident at their product and willing to arrange a 100% money back guarantee.
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  • Lifewit Mandoline Slicer Set
  • With the anti-slippery handle, and ergonomic anti-slip handle.
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  • V Blade stainless steel
  • It come with a large food guard included and the easy to grip handle.
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  • Proctor Silex
  • This stainless steel blade is removable and definitely safe for the dishwasher for much easier cleaning.

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Get the best vegetable mandolins slicers is everyone wants to get healthier nowadays and staying healthy is the key in living longer with your families member. In this review, we will look into the best top 20 slicers that can be chosen in the market. Save time and skip to view the best mandoline slicer on Amazon.

Importance and benefit of vegetable slicers

Increase efficiency

A food slicer can improve the food slicing speed fast and efficiently. It can save you a lot of time and most importantly give you a better mood for the preparation of meal.

Food uniformity

Why do we need to have a high level of food uniformity? The same level of thickness in food will help you to increase the taste of food. As you slice the food uniformly, the surface area to the pan is then the same. It will allow the food to be cut the same level of thickness and hence cook in the same amount of time required.

Save you some money

With the same amount of cutting speed, it allow you to save money more efficiently. This is because most of the time some food are not being cut deep enough so that there’s a lot of waste indeed.

Reduce the chance of cutting yourself

I am sure everyone have happened to cut their hands accidentally. Either a serious injury while cutting fruits, cheese of other food. The chances of cutting yourself can happen. With the use of the cutter, it save your a lot of injuries chances.

Different type of cutter and shapes

If you cut it with knife. There is a chance that the cutter might have cut though tother food such as cold food and etc. Hence with the use of a cutter, you prevent the possibility of cutting vegetables with the cutter that has cut through some other food.

When do you use a spiral slicer

Spiral slicer is designed in a way ideal for multiple different type of options. From allowing you to fit yourself favor and selecting the preferences before you buy. The spiral slicer will allow you to use it more comfortably, and when you do that, you will have a nice circle shaped food generated in no time.

Pros of using a spiralfix

With the use of the spiralfix, the blades can be changed with a knob. Instead of changing is manually, it is much safer and more convenient to change it this way.

Furthermore, it wil gives you an additional blade option to change the type of spaghetti.

This way, you can have much more different type of option for food arrangement.

Disadvantages of spiralfix

It is rather difficult to use it sometimes if you are completely new to this. It could be awkward and easily causes wrist strain as it require some degree of strength to turn it. If you are having a blade that is not sharp enough, then you might need to manually pull the noodles out to ensure the slices are perfect

Price comparison

When comparing the coppers, the price can be one of the key issues in consideration. However, the price might not necessarily mean the higher quality of the chopper. The concept is very simple, after all, the function of the chopper is to cut the fruit easier.

Selecting the brand

There is a reason why brand is important. More often is that the brand have spent so much time in their marketing campaign and they do not want to lose their reputation image. As such you may consider choosing some reputation brand such as black and decker.

The major two type of spiralizers

There are generally few different types of slicer and spiralizers. To begin with, the first choice that you want to make is to decide whether handheld or countertop is more suitable for you. As you might aware, usually the handheld version is cheaper and easier to handle. Whilst the countertop version is more compatible for multiple blades and can handle much more stuff other than just noodles.

Veggetti spiralizers vegetable slicer

If you are looking for cheap and simple easy solution for making spiralizers. This is ideal when you have a bunch of fruits and want them to be slices in a more fancy way.

Best 20 vegetable mandolins slicers or spiral slicers


Mandoline multi-vegetable chopper

The use of a multi chopper is ideal and is perfect lightweight solution. If you are not a frequent vegetable and fruit cutting lover. Then this plastic built design is definitely the ideal version for vegetable lover while still not too addicted. This value for money will not break the bank but an option for you to cut vegetables.

Functions and features:

It comes with 4 stainless steel blades and a nice food container base.

Allow you to cut slices easily to make perfect potato and even fruit as hard as carrots.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry and stored
  • Detachable parts for easier cleaning
  • Detachable parts for easier cleaning


  • Detachable parts for easier cleaning


Homepuff manual pulling food chopper

If you are going for a trip and want to carry along your favorite chopper. Then the use of a hand powered chopper is the thing. You do not need and electricity to operate it and for easy to carry along to any camp on the go. The chopper is made with a lightweight plastic and with a lot of chopping settings.

This food shopper does not only handle soft fruit but also fruits that come with skins and a very easy to control pull cord.


  • No electricity or and batteries is required
  • The neck of the chopper is very large and can be cleaned easily
  • Easily portable for transportation or put into luggage bag


  • Not very cheap


Dynamic Dynacube Vegetable Cutter

This orange and cute chopper like a robotic machine. It has a strong stance for the handling of heavy fruit and vegetable chopping. It’s unique looking can handle a high durability.

Do know that it is rather big and cannot be moved easily. However, if you have it stand firmly on a fixed location, then it is much easier for fruit cut.


  • Highly durable
  • Fancy colour
  • May handle different sizes for small and large food


  • The cost is rather expensive


Gourmia GCH9295 Twin Vegetable Chopper & Blender

This is definitely one of the favorite one among the rest. This chopper comes with the blending option. Ideally the great option with the mixture of different materials such as whiskey, dicing and slicing. It has two bowl design so that you can cut fruit for veggie at nice in two bowl. This is definitely the ideal cutting control with minimal effort.


  • It has a fast action chopper
  • Detachable and can be clean easily
  • Can chop food easily


  • The size is a bit too large


Tiago Vegetable Cutter

The perfect combo wth 5 different tool. Ideal for cutting anything. No matter it is juice for lemon for a cube for watermelon slicing. This copper is the ideal for your device. The 5 in one option will let you cleanup all the items easily and smoothly.


  • Also easy to clean as many parts is detachable
  • 5 in 1 option
  • Come with a safe pusher to save you from cutting yourself


  • It takes time for changing different parts


Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

This soft chopper gives you the excellent cutting for all of your food. With a nice compatible build for easy portability and cleanup. One worth mentioning is that this chopper is made with stainless steel and with ABS plastic. It is definitely BPA safe and is the solution if you have children at home.


  • Can be clean up easily for its compact fitting
  • You can chop anything including fries and fruits
  • One simple push to the button chopper


  • There is no electronic version for this chopper


Salad marker and mandoline set

If you want to get a highly durable builder and the ultimate solution with 8-10 in one slivers. This professional salads will be perfect for slicing and dicing all dish!


  • Can be used easily
  • All parts can be removed for washing directly with water
  • Not only a spinner or mandoline but also come with other fruits slicer


  • Combination of everything together. Cost is rather expensive


Topulors Food chopper

Ever wanted a simple veggie cutting solution with not any other extra functions. The Topulors food chopper will be the case. It provide the best cut no matter how tough the job it is.

This food chopper comes with 7 different type of options for cutting and is one of the most powerful chopper for fast chopping.


  • Cheap and easy to afford
  • High durability
  • With a lot of versatile options


  • Your hand can be hurt after a while using the chopping lever for long period of time


Uten 4-Cup Food Chopper

While it looks more or less the same like the other, this chopper comes with great average chef. The 4 cup capacity and the high ability to power the stainless steel blades. The cutting of fruits and veggies has no problem at all. It is easy to migrate from places to places.
You can select the type and size of cup with this chopper and the stainless steel blades make it one of the most purchased item in Amazon.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Simple and no other explanation is needed
  • 6 months guaranteed warranty


  • The chopper size is quite small


OXO Vegetable/Onion Chopper

This BOB pro stroller comes with a rear drum brakes for the best downhill control. Designed with a adjustable suspension system that can handle 3 inches of travel and two different stage for the weight handling. The price is definitely costly compare to the other version.

We put this into the last in our top 10 list not because it is the least favorable option among them all. It is in fact the state of the art suspension system that let you side and adjust the handlebar and providing a perfect fitting for parents. It pair with the B-Safe 35 infact car seat and the 180 degree adjustable padded handlebar with 9 positions gives you the perfect fitting for all parents height.

One thing to mention is that the wheel is made of high impact polymer. In the event where your kids is fall asleep. The pushing of the tires will not affect much on your children. This easy two step folding pad provides the best convenient transportation and storage support.


Black+Decker HC306 One-touch electric chopper

Talking about brand, safety, usefulness and speed. The Black+Decker is definitely ranked the best of the bet option in the market. Validating the convenient and affordability. The electric veggie slicer and chopper make it the most efficient cuts and with just a push of a button.

It will provide the safe and easy to use function. Together with it’s chopper speed up to 70-watt and bi-level curved blades. The 1.5 cup capacity and safety locking lid make this chopper


The clever cutter with 2-in-1 food chopper

This clever cutter is made in a way that you can cut it just like using your hand. This clever cutter is made with a 2-in-1 blade. You can cut it like using a scissors and to control it with ease. This way you can control the speed of cutting the fruits.


Mandoline Slicer Kainnt Adjustable Mandoline

The Dalstrong is a professional measurement that can definitely save you a lot of time in a long term. The Dalstrong slicer come with a safety gloves for you and this is crucial if you are completely nice to slicing. Allowing you to protect your hand from getting hurt.


Progressive International PL8

The progressive international is designed in a way for safety measurement. This cutting made with plastic and stainless steel will allow you to hold all sort of food securely with no afford and low resistance. This is the best available in the market.

This cutter show a very sharp function that is on board for three category of slicing. E.g. In a straight, wavy or julienne style.

This blades can allow you to lock to the base safety.

When it comes with mandoline slicer, the slicer that allow adjustment is critical. The PL8 will definitely allow you to handle this without any problem and with the design of safety hat to safe your time to purchase a gloves.



The Benriner is a simple, back to basic solution for slicing and come with minimal slicing accessories and the need for extra stabilization.

This stainless steel blades work perfectly with a professionally looking design. An inexpensive method so that you can act firmly on the side of the edge and cut fruits or food without any hassle.


Proctor Silex 72500RY Food Chopper

The proctor silex food chopper is the compact food chopper that can be used to reduce the preparation time in the kitchen. This stainless steel blade is removable and definitely safe for the dishwasher for much easier cleaning.

This slicer is the North American electrical standards and provide a stable base.


V Blade stainless steel mandoline slicer

This V blade stainless steel slicer will be the slicer that provide you with incredible speed and precision you need. This will reduce the preparation time and the cooking time for preparation.
It has 6 different blade inserts from 3mm julienne and 7mm julienne. It come with a large food guard included and the easy to grip handle will gives you a high security and slip resistant rubber.


Lifewit Mandoline Slicer Set with Container & Food Holder

The Lifewit slicer has three embedded with a interchangeable slicer sets. With the thin and thick shredder, it provides you a handle peeler for the adjustment to change the thickness of the slices and shreds.

The durable constructions razor gives you a sharp stainless steel and during our testing. This is definitely effortless and very efficient in slicing.

With the anti-slippery handle, and ergonomic anti-slip handle. It guarantee the total control during operation.

Compare to other slicer, this will help the cucumber and carrot, ginger, garlic and all type of fruits cutting.


Premium adjustable mandoline slicer | by NioChef

The NioChef slicer is the value to money premium set that is everything you need when cutting vegetables and fruits. Without much special functions and design. This simple mandoline slicer will be ideal if you just need this occasionally. Save you much time in to dinner and lunch preparation.

What’s the best is that they are so confident at their product and willing to arrange a 100% money back guarantee. They strive to give you the highest quality product and with best customer experience as possible. This mandoline slicer also come with book for readings and cooking guide.


Matfer Bourgeat LER-4030CLR Le Rouet Spiral Vegetable Slicer

The Bourgeat vegetable slicer come with the top in the recommended list. it because of it brand but together with all the items it has. The stainless steel housing and pusher, the knife holder made with the cast aluminum and blades for tempered stainless steel. Cutting vegetables into strings in no time with almost every piece in the same width and style.

The Stainless steel comes with 2 sets of blades. Weighted around 9 pounds and with many customers endorsement. There’s no word that can explain how good this set of mandoline slicers is.


Hope you have found your best vegetable mandolins slicers in our review. After all, comparing the price and everything, in the end, it comes to the requirement of selecting what you really need.


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