Buy best lawn mower for gardening in 2019


Looking to buy best lawn mower? When we comes to the topic on how to choose and buy the best lawn mower. There is many things to consider and evaluate before one can buy one. In this review we will cover the type of lawn mower and things to consider.

Things to consider when we buy the best lawn mower

Type of engine

Many user will only look at the design the cost of the lawn mower but one merely dig into the engine of the lawn mower.

This is critical important that we should also consider about the lawn mower engine. After all, this is the key for one to run the machine.

Generally, the larger the engine, the more tough cutting condition it can handle.

There are in fact various type of engine in the market. Ranging from the least expensive version of side valve with overhead valves and more modern option on the overhead cams.

The most expensive one is definitely the overhead valve engine but on the other hand, you will get a better fuel consumption and vibration less and quieter mowing in your Sunday.

Easy drive control panel

It is conceivable that a good drive control will allow you to handle the drive system easier than the other. It is not just for the comfort-ability of the system but also affect how you can courier the mower easily. Usually when buy best lawn mower the better it is the easier the drive control panel it will be.

Some mower require you to push, pull or changes for a better mowing arrangement.

Air filtration

If you are a lazy person and do not want to clean your mower frequently. Then the use of the mower that comes with a good air filter system will be very important. Some cheap mower uses a very simple piece of foam and moisten it with a clean engine oil, whereas the good air filter come with a preferred dusty and dirty mowing.

Brake clutch system

The blade clutch mechanism will let you to disengage the mower drive and stop the blade if there’s something happened suddenly.

It is very powerful to be used and let you stop the mower if you encounter something in the grass, e.g. Animals, rubbish etc.

Type of wheels

The type of wheel is very important. This is conceivably that when conducting the selection to buy the best lawn mower. The type of wheel means that the availability for you to handle the convenient of cutting height. The front wheel is of more important and the larger the merrier for you to adjust and raise the mower deck.

Maintenance and warranty period

If a lawn mower is well purchased. Then it can save you a lot of time to handle the lawn mower. Make sure you check the oil tank level and also if there’s any debris and rubbish in the lawn mower.

The years of warranty will also let you survive a longer period of time.

Type of accessories included

There is a lot of accessories bundled together with eh lawn mower. Just like purchasing a television. The lawn mower can come together with the bagging and mulching attachment and information. This can save your a lot of time and resources and selecting the right items for this purpose.

Reason to use a lawn mowers

Time saver

Lawn mower is a significant time saver and you can cut it at night while enjoy the sun.

No pollution in push mowers

There is no air pollution using old type of mowers and there is no noise pollution as well.

Simple maintenance

The maintenance is very simple for a push mower and you just have to have it sharpened on the blade and keep pushing the mower. There is nothing to maintain.

No complication

Lawn mower are easily to operation and the skills set can be mastered in a minute.

Type of Lawn Mower and which one is the best

Patrol lawn mowers

The petrol lawn mower produces the most power and it can be used for lawns for more than 200 metres square.

Generally speaking, the wider the lawnmower it is, the more time and work you need to generate the power for such purpose. Nowadays many lawn mower manufacturers will choose to have the engine manufactured individually with their machine. Some even uses some high reputation lawn mowers such as Honda engine and Kawasaki engine.

Electricity lawn mowers

The major advantage of lawn mower is that it does not require any engine to operation and less pollute to the environment. It will not exhaust fumes and it has a much lighter weight compare to the petrol lawn mowers.

However, the only problem is that you might need a long cable for you to sustain the powering of your lawnmower and it can be heavier than the other option due to the battery it needs.

Ride-on mowers

Just like a car and it can carry yourself on the ride. The ride on mowers has a lot of variations compared to the push mowers.

You can carry many items on the mower and needless to say, it is more ideal for a large garden to clean up.

Best lawn mower to buy for gardening


Sun Joe MJ401E

Sun Joe mower have a detachable grass catcher for easy disposal of grass clippings. It comes with a 12 amp powerful motor cuts.

The best part of this mower is that it comes with a 2 years warranty. Spoken by it’s green color, it has a learn and mean green mowing machine and you can let your yard to choose this non-polluting solution for the atmosphere.

It has a specific lightweight solution and it provide all terrain wheel for an easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

We have tried the Sun Joe mower and the best part of this mower is that it come with a detachable bag. You can easily detach the grass bag and for easily disposal of the waste.

You can start the mower instantly with the simple push of a button and make it easy to cut 14-inch grass.

If your garden comes with a lot of small rocks and you want to handle the grass and houses easier with the lawn mower. The Sun Joe mower definitely handle this as it cut the lawns easily.

You have the option to use the lawn mower with or without the grass catcher. If you choose to use the grass catcher, it can still work properly.



The black decker lawn mower is famous for its cutting efficiency and the ability to swap the cord easily. You are able to save a lot of time by eliminating the trouble to pull the cords. No more hassle in mixing the gas and oil and trips to the gas station.

It has a 10 amp motor and a very ligh weighted deck. Keeping the cords tangle free and wrapping system for you to collect the cord easily in no time.

Taking his electric version of lawn mower will let you to save the time for the pull string start and much lower noise levels.

The black and deck lawn mower can catch the clippings in the grass and you do not need to install the basket to use it. No more hassle in worrying the basket to get heavy and difficult to maneuver.


Poulan pro 961420135 CleanScape

The Poulan pro is the type of mower that you pushes from the back. It gives you the professional result for gardening your lawn. The ability for it to mulch the bag and discharge and trim down the clippings make it one of the choices in our review.

Most of the problem with running the push type mower is that it can be very heavy. With the front wheel drive lawn mower, the effort is reduces and you do not need to push the mower and it is designed to hold up to more than 2 bushels of grass clippings.

However one thing to bare in mind is that the handle cannot be adjusted. That means that you can only have it in one standard height.


Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

The Fiskars is a very easy to use mower. Designed for all grass types and even ideal for tough area that require tough handling.

It’s staysharp cutting system let you cut all unwanted and even some small piece of stone easily.  What we like the most for for Fiskars is definitely it’s ability to come with the reversible grass chute and and direct the clippings angle forward or downward.

If you worry about the warranty years. It has a long 3 years warranty support.


GreenWorks 27022 10 Corded Dethatcher


The simple, cheap and yet durable infamous brand – GreenWorks is designed for the robust motor is designed to get your boring lawn mower work done faster. It has a ergonomic designed and can be grabbed easily for handling.
If you also concerned whether the stainless steel is able to last for a long time, the Green Works is definitely one of the best solution to handle this problem.It is ready easy to use where is installed and you require no power cable cord for you to who and to move it it is always ready to work when you are able to use it anytime
If you have a concern whether the green one is easy to be pushed then you may have think on the wrong direction. It is definitely one of the easiest lawnmower to be pushed especially at is highly customized settings available for you to choose from
In a review of using this product, which is only last for 41 pounds and the product wait is only 25 pounds which is really really light compared to the other solution. You will love to use this lawnmower with many different families members which some maybe taller and maybe some shorter. This lawnmower will definitely fit all your need and handle all the height with one single product in place.


Yard Machines 140cc 20-Inch Push Mower

The yard machine is equipped a birthday 20 H ability to discharge the cutting deck. And it comes with a front and rear for the use of easy menu. Would you want to know whether you can attach it back to its back the simple answer is that you cannot however the size of themore left over is already big enough so that you don’t need to think about it anymore

If you are present overly concerned about the type of engine in this machine that they got machine uses the four cycle engine for which design is very good and Angie is very able to produce a quiet and drink you version for the work. To buy best lawn mower one have to consider also this issue:

If you want to know does he have a mulcher dinner spot on shows that no it does not however it is right inexpensive and very light and very easy to handle for the manuver would you think this is a must for you to fits your need.

This lawn mower doesn’t require you to do any push going on that the weight of the mower is around 45 pounds and it does have a post premiere on it.

The only concern about using this lawn mower is that when you adjust to view hide to the low setting the baby some overlapping on the handlebars and also the axle which you’re only need to make sure that you use it carefully otherwise you may hurt yourself

This lawnmower also come with a very strong horse power.

On the delivery of the packet it is also surprisingly very small and it can be fit on a car easily.


WORX Lil’Mo 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower

When it comes to the fancy and sexy lawn mower. The quieter and the cleaner the better it is.

Designed with an ergonomic settings and let you to remove the battery easily for convenient for charging in any of the location.

This lawn mower is ideal for large 6,000 square feet lawn mower. It also come by default with a charger and you can plug it directly to the mower easily. You may also remove the battery and plug the charger smoothly.



Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Riding Lawnmower

Surely it is the most comfortable option among all lawn mower. Just like riding a car at your garden. Carrying your loved one, kids, dogs and feels the wind blow to your head with the Raven riding lawn mower. This lawn mower would require a crew of people who is well equipped with the tools to ship your lawn mower and with the weight of 800lb.

The Raven function is beyond any doubt is definitely a solution for a large garden. However, worth mention is that you would need to have a large garage to store this “car”. And it might create a riding track to the grass by the wheel.


WORX WG156 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger


If you have Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner at home. Then this cordless grass trimmer will definitely be the ideal trimmer. It has a long battery life and adjustable handle for oyu to lengthen the control and allow additional comfort-ability.

The only concern regarding this trimmer is that it only has a small area of coverage. It might be great if your garden is a small or medium size. But definitely cannot ease your need if you have a large one with you.

It comes with 2 batteries with you and you can have them charged once every month.


To conclude, make sure you know the size of your garden. Pick the right one with the correct functionalities. The type of lawn mower varies but all come to one major and only usage – To trim the grass.

This is a product that often can stay for many years and we suggest you to pick one that can last for a much longer period of time. A seemingly expensive one is definitely worth it in a long run and choose the to get the buy best lawn mower.


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