Buying the best television at home in 2019

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Everyone has a television at their home. Even if you are not interested in watching TV, a TV at home is essential for your friends at welcoming them.

When considering buying the best television at home, there’s a lot of things to consider in this high level of complexity technology.

Different type of television display

Plasma display:

To begin with, start by narrowing down all the options you have in the market, e.g. LCD TVs, LED TVs, OLED TVs and plasma TVs is the exact variation to choose from. IFy Ou are thinking to purchase a big TV and want to have a good high quality of pixel as well. Then the plasma TV could be the right option for you. Plasma TV are designed with a relatively much higher color quality and contrast ratio.

The beautiful images and wide viewing angle make it easy for people to view the television in all different angle. However, if you dont have sufficient light at your home then it could be a problem because their brightness is not the best in the market.

Plasma display are named plasma because they relies on the usage of small cells that contain the electrical charged ionised gases. Which is named plasmas.

The plasma display are definitely the oldest and minor usage in all the market due to its cost to create a television with plasma compared to LCD, where it is less bright compared to the OLED flat panel displays.

The advantages of using plasma display is that you can have a much wider angle compare to the LCD and the quality will not be degraded. Suitable for 55″+ size of plasma display.

Further more, it is less viable tot he motion blur as a fact that they have a much faster refresh rates compare to the LCD option with a faster response time. Contribute to a much better performance compared to the display of content which requires a lot of rapid motion. For example. The gaming industry.

However, plasma monitor generally are heavier than the LCD one as they require more careful handling such as the being kept upright.

Comparing to the OLED ( Organic light emitting diode ) it is faster in speed for the plasma molecules to shift from.

OLED ( Organic light emitting diode )

OLED, on the other hand, will be of a lower cost in the future and provide a much better flexible plastic substrates. This better picture quality and power efficiency and lower in thickness size make it the perfect solution for television making.

The OLED, also have a faster response time compared to LCD and the response time as be as low as 1ms which means the faster creation of effect similar to the CRT flicking and ideal for control of perception of motion blur.

There is also other disadvantages in OLED as the color balance and efficiency of the blue OLEDs is comparatively lower in lifetime. This is vital for the access of OLED in the replacement of the LCD technology and when buying the best television at home.

LED ( Lighting emitting diode )

It is very similar to OLED except that it does not have organic function built in. The dimming of the colouring is particularly more flashing or flickering due to the stroboscopic effect.

The lifetime running life span can be rather more energy savings,. Which does not have more fragile fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

The major problem with LED is that the price is definitely more expensive that’s the other option as the initial capital cost is higher comparatively.

Things to consider when buying a television

Choosing the right resolution: 4K versus HD

4K, also stands for 3840 x 2160. Is the ultra high definition television. It’s resolution stands for the sharpness of the TV picture.

However, in reality, 4K computer is much more expensive compare. While many people are looking for a better looking television with higher quality. But in practice, the cable quality will never be that up to the standard. Even if you are able to find such a television cable. The quality output from the source will not be able to reach this standard as well. Therefore, in practice, the quality will only be limited to around 1080p.

The refreshing rate

Depends on the usage of the television. If you are looking for a television that is for playing games on XBox or PS4. Then the use of the much faster television refreshing rate will be critical for you. There are many different Hz of refresh rate particularly on the LCD and HDTV market.

Some up to 240Hz and some are for 120Hz. Some of the images or the video original content do not have such refreshing rate to keep up for the television to handle. Therefore, one of the method is to insert some black dots between the image. This is not very visible to our human eyes. But if the image refreshing rate goes down to 60Hz. Then the image will drop drastically and which is visible to our eyes.

HDMI or other connection

If 4K ultra HD is important for you. Then there is in fact many different type of HDMI available in the market. For instance, HDMI 2.0 will allow the fitting of some Ultra HD sources and most TV in the market nowadays uses the HDCP connection frame. Which is the high bandwidth digital content protection.

Make sure you look for sufficient amount of HDMI ports and it comes with HDCP connectivity.

Is curved screen necessary and worth it?

Short answer:- No.

Because all image will be slightly curved and distorts in the images and causes the reduction in the viewing angle. Only Theone who seat at the centre of the television can enjoy the sweet spot of the screen and thus not having the best viewing quality. For value of money, this is definitely not worth it. Unless if you are buying a 100″ sized monitor, otherwise, we don’t see the need for the curved television monitor at home.

Sound quality system

Many people might not be able to pay attention to this as you are buying for a television and will focus on the quality of the television but not the sound quality.

Unless you already have a external sound system at home. Otherwise, the use of sound bar will provide a much better audio control and quality. Specially if you use it for movie watching.

The soundboard are popular because it is in fact very cheap and can improve the cinematic experience for you at home.

Pay extra for warranties

Not all television allow you to extend their warranties. If the vendor are not comfortable with the extend of warranty, then you might as well consider them not having faith in their own product as well.

Is contrast ratio important?

First of all, what is contrast ratio? If you go to the numbering system you will see 2,000:1 and 5,000:1 for the indication of contract ratio. Usually the larger the ratio means the better.

Some television show that it have a 1m:1 contrast ratio but the quality output is just more or less the same as the one you see next to it with 5k:1. So whats wrong?

In fact for contrast ratio there is three different types version. Namely, True, Native and Dynamic one. Make sure you look for the true and native one as these numbers means they are constant and will not changes dynamically. For this, you will be able to compare the figures of different television easily.

Selection of a Smart TV.

Everything comes with a smart nowadays. Smart phone, smart watch. What exactly we need to pay attention to when buying a television ?

Foremost, understood that not all smart TV comes with the in built internet viewing platform and allow you to plug USB to the television and control the monitor and use it as a computer.

This is definitely very useful if you have it in your television as you might want to control it via YouTube.

We have tested several Smart TV, this will be critically important that to make sure they run on some fast enough operating system for the selection of remote control and mouse recognition system.

You will not want to use the Tap up and down, left and right button for the control of your television which is definitely too slow and not workable in a long term.


Needless to say, consider about the budget you have in hand in a total package. Some of the vendor comes with a lot of different equipments and you may have them all together and saved a lot of money.

For example, sound bar, 5.1 sound system and even some DVD/ CD players. This can come with a whole set and ensured they can be fitted with each other and ports and cable available.

No more hassle in considering the ports connection.

Native and effective refresh rate difference

There are two major type of refresh rate. Some claim they have 240Hz and some claim they have 120Hz. Of course the more is the merrier. But the devils is in the details. Only the effective refresh rate does provide a meaningful effect and for native version. It only means that it has the the inclusion of the motion blur and include some other motion smoothing functions.

Best television to buy in the market


LG Electronics 43UH6100

This programmable up to 24 hour length and self cleaning coffee machine is definitely the choice if you need a coffee every morning. Allow up to 4 cups of coffee and automatica shut down function. Allow you to enjoy the coffee with no hassle and time wasted in the morning precious every single minute.

And yes, if you failed your alarm clock and woke up early, it also come with the automatic warming control. No more cold coffee in the morning.

If you are in a hurry, you can even take the carafe out and pour the coffee before it is finished in brewing, no more dripping in floor or in the machine. We tested it with 8 cups of coffee and it takes around 5 mins only.

The Cuisinart coffee machine comes with 3 different colours i.e. Silver, White and Black Steel.


  • High refreshing rate
  • Smart TV functionalities
  • True Black Panel


  • Motion speed for 120Hz
  • Thick bottom area


Samsung UN55kS8000

With a premium flat quantum dot color drive. It has the ability to produce billion of colouring. Designed in a very thin layer and rich colour to deepen the contrast with UHD dimming.

They have two options for the leg replacement and for the larger version it comes with the outer placement holes.

If you do not want to purchase a sound bar then the 65″ movie mode will provide a sound in rich and a full width hints and a clear satisfactory volume.

If you are a friend of Xbox and you can run in Xbox S gaming mode on HDMI. If you live in a area that is in the countryside, then the use of the antenna attach to the television can definitely be an ideal way to increase the quality of your TV.


  • Triple black technology
  • Perfect for movies
  • Fast switching mode


  • 2 HDMI ports only
  • No passive 3D


Sony XBR55X850D

The DeLonghi coffee maker is coffee professions favorite. It comes with 18 variable of grinding choices for 3 to 1 combo. i.e. Drip coffee, pour over and French press.

Nice fancy LCD display for selection and options to choose on whether dispense of coffee through grinds of the filter.

Cleaning is the easy compare with other coffee maker as it comes with the nice removable upper cover and complete removal for water bathing.


LG Electronics OLED55B6P

The LG electronics comes with two inch option namely 55 and 65. Ranked as the amazon best choices in the television field. The OLED technology is close to LCD technology and be used in many majority field. Mainly relies on the backlight shining and a crystal panel for the creation of picture.

It works in a 10bit motion but can also be ran in 12bits with Dolby vision content.

It is relatively hard to measure the pedestal for the 65 inch model however, for the size of the TV, it can goes to 9 inches deep. If you are looking for the connection between the TV with the Bluetooth devices such as the mouse and also the keyboard. Then this can also be helpful for the connectivity with the Bluetooth headphones.

One of the best thing about this TV is that you can connect it with the cable card slot. Which means that it allow you to give your digital cable left in the drawer and can plug the card reader to the TV for seamless connectivity.

It also does not come with any blurriness on the side of the cable and allow fast moving sports.


RCA SLD40A45RQ – 40″ LED


The RCA television is newly released in the 2017 and come with premium 90 days warranty and a 60 day technical support after the date of the delivery. It is easy to set up configure and to connect with the technical support team for arrangement.


Avera 43AER10 43″ 1080p LED TV


Looking for a television with a cheaper version. The Avera will definitely be the one that you should look for. It is reality picture engine driven and highly effective motion rate. Allowing you to enjoy a very high speed action and a good clear motion clarification.

It is famous for its CEC technology that leverage the use of low premium multi core processor and enhanced technology to deliver outstanding contrast. The bult in audio system will allow you to enjoy a crsp of sound by decoding the content and release the nice discreet channels of audio data.


TCL 40FS3800


With the option to range from 28 to 50 inch. Refreshing rate at 60Hz and a 120Hz clear mtion ability. It’s smart functional ROku TV steaming platform make it the TV that can be fit it to your bed room and also living room.

It comes with the built in Wifi and can be connected seamlessly. However do aware that it do not have the ethernet connection that means that you really need a good Wifi signal if you want it to work perfectly for some video steaming.

It do not come with the soundbar volume control, however it can be controlled via the HDMI CEC and these piece are allowed to be controlled on and off automatically in the stereo option to get the buying the best television at home

Just like most of the new smart TV, it do have its own operating system for the control of web alike browsers and the use of red white and yellow cable at the back of the TV for connectivity.


Samsung UN88KS9810 Curved 88-Inch 4K Ultra HD


The Samsung 88-intch Ultra HD television make it the ideal version for the ultimate television option in the market. It comes with the universla remote for the option to switch between the TV easily.

However, bare in mind that it does not have the 3D capability. But it definitely make it the best television to buy in your home.


NEC X981UHD 98″ LED Television

If 88-inch is still not enough then lets try to go for the 98″ LED television. With the LED direct lit UHD IPS panel connection. The enhanced images performance and 98″ sized television will make your home looks like a cinema.


There is just too much TV in the market but at we have recommended the above TV for your selection. First and foremost, like we mentioned, do consider the type of television and the mostly frequent usage of the TV before you drill down into the price.

There is one thing is common when choosing the right refrigerator and the television:- That you also need to know what you want before you begin picking and walking the shops.

Some user do just need to use the TV for the gaming and thus requires a much better fast motion functionalities. Whereas some user leverage the TV mostly for the movie viewing then the newly released triple black technology will be critical for you when buying the best television at home.


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