How to choose the best baby bottles 2019


First time being a parent and we all know there is just too many option to choose from in the market for baby bottles.

Milk bottle comes revolutionized many time across these years and picking the best baby bottle is not easy. In this review we will dig deep into things that we need to pay attention to and how to choose the best baby bottles for your sweet pea.

How to choose the best baby bottles

The type of material for baby bottle

In the past, everyone choose glass as a baby bottles. The reason is very simple, they use it because they don’t have any other material to choose from. Nowadays, there is many option. To begin with, many people choose the plastic version. Mainly because its much lighter, you can carry it around to places and travel. It is also safe to be taken on the plane as well. On he other hand, plastic is unbreakable and you will not require to keep buying a new one when your baby drop the bottle to the ground. Most of the time is the baby fall asleep while drinking.

Worth mention is that plastic is easily recognized with the problem with BPA. The BPA, in full form bisphenol. Is the toxic material that causes harm to human body. It has been officially banned in the year of 2012 by the US health department. Therefore it is so commonly famous that the BPA is a must big No in baby products.

Right now stainless steel is the ideal products and best chosen one for its safety, healthy and also the ability to not easily broken. Of course, beyond doubt is that stainless steel is not the type of material you can choose from easily everyday in the market.

As a result, the glass option of baby bottle is getting more and more famous and many people would rather have a heavier bottle than a toxic plastic one.

Anti-colic feature on baby bottle

When choosing the best baby bottle. The design of the anti colic feature is made to prevent the air from going In via the nipple to the baby. This can be a major problem and major concern for most of the parents. A good milk bottle and nipple will allow baby to suck the milk smoothly while still able to prevent too much air from going in.

In reality, though the baby bottle might help. However, the nipples will also benefit from preventing air from going in. But the style of how the milk is being sucked affected a lot as well. Some milk bottle prevent baby to suck in too quickly and almost certain that the air does not go in easily. Though, many parents missing the point, if the baby mouth is bigger than average size of baby and does suck in very quickly as well. This will also make air to the baby tummy. Some nice nipple does have a angle tops design. This will helps to stop the air form going in as well.

Importance of a good nipples

While the design of the milk bottle is to simulate the design of a women nipple. Not necessarily the design that has the most similar version alike the women nipples will helps the most and become the best bottle.

The silicone and latex comes into the most common material in making the nipples. While silicone will save you some bucks from the need to buy the new nipples again frequently. But the latex version helps better for the baby to suck and change the form of the nipple.

Shape of the milk bottle

Some milk bottle have a nice hand grip for the baby to hold it. But we would recommend not to use hand grip version as this limit the way to train up your baby to grip the milk bottle.

The neck for the milk bottle would definitely the wider the better. This allow you to clean up the bottle of the milk bottle easier.

Pay attention to the plastic code

In the old recycle and plastic version. The code 7 means the plastic is something that definitely harm your body. If some warm level of water pouring it, it will causes dissolve of these plastic materials to water.

Is it necessarily to clean the milk bottle with special cleanse?

Parents love their kids especially new born baby. But rest assure that it is not necessary to use any special ingredient to clean the milk water bottle. Purely the use of water and detergent will suffice this need.

During our review and analysis, rather, it is important to leverage the milk water bottle drying machine to dry out the water bottle. This will allow the washed water to dry out and not to causes smelly feelings to the bottle.

Many kids suddenly refuse to drink milk even they are hungry. And most often the parents confuses that reason due to the milk powder issue and etc. In fact, one reason was due tot he fact that the water bottle itself is stink even if there’s no milk powder on it. Believe me, next time before you pour the milk powder to it. Have a smell on it yourself.

Milk bottle size an volume

Usually milk baby bottle ranges from 4 to 12 once volumes. Do not have a impression that the use of a larger bottle will save you money and just pouring half of it to the bottle will helps your time to purchase a new one in the near future. You may make use of different size of the bottle to ensure less air is in the bottle and also fixing the amount of food for your baby.

The best 10 baby bottle reviews


Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle, Green, 5 Ounces


The Comotomo baby bottles simulate the breastfeeding experience and to reduce the chances of paper bottle rejection. The wide neck design will allows the easy cleaning via hand without need to of a brush. This milk bottle is designed in a way enable you to conduct microwave warming easily. With easy to do dish washing and sterilizing functions.

With the anti colic vents to filter the unwanted air to reduce colic.


Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple

Lansinoh bottle is designed in a way to reduce your baby with nipple confusion. That way with ergonomic designed and air ventilation system for the capture of gas. It is made of silicone and comes with the slow flow nipples function.

It also comes with the 8 ounce bottles and allow fast flow of nipples.


Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle

The Philips AVENT glass bottle is a BPA free, specially designed with heat and thermal shock resistant design. With three slow flow nipples and ensuring no air passed through. it has a twin anti-colic valves to make the feeding even more comfortable. It is made in a way that baby can hold it easily and with Philip Avent brand name, it also a professional company for the toddler feeding and monitors for newborn gifts.


Dr. Brown’s Original Wide-Neck Bottle


Worth mentioning is that they have a patented special internal vent system to help the reduction of colic. With such a wide opening bottle it will be perfect for your sweeties.


MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Boy, 9 Ounces

This MAM innovative anti colic bottles is made with professional medical practitioners and psychologists for the special need for baby feeding. The silicone nipple soft skin is ideal for easy transition for breast to bottle and enable for leak proof caps. It has some ventilation holes inside the bottle and 80% of parents proven that their baby has much less colic with the MAM anti colic bottle.


Joovy Boob Glass Bottle & Sleeve

This Joovy boob glass bottle doesn’t absorb odor. Therefore if you have not wash the milk bottle clearly. No worries on the odor passing to the milk bottle.

The patented and unique nipple design prevent the nipple from collapsing and helps the baby from a better latching with an easy to use breast to bottle with breast transitions. Their glass material design will ensure it comes with a clean flow vent.


Curve Baby Glass Bottle Temperature Sensitive Anti-explosion


This curved baby glass bottle will allow baby to suck in the milk easier. It simulate the pacifier and the free bending prevent stretching which is conducive for the baby oral development. It has a good grade silicone screw and lovely pattern which makes it ideal for both beautiful and safe set up.


NUK Simply Natural Bottle


This NUK natural bottle design will enhance the bottle for anti colic air system. This value for money and simple design come with multiple nipple holes to around 9 holes. As in reality mom breast does have holes and make the feeding much more comfortable for everyone. In their own company survey, 90% of parent recommend this bottle.


LUX Baby Bottle | Anti Colic Infant Bottle


This LUX baby bottle is very easy to be cleaned and large enough for adult hand to wash it with warm soap. It also mimic the milk letdown and helps baby to swallow the milk but not the air.


While picking a milk bottle can be a difficult job. But we would recommend you get one that can last for a longer period of time. After all this is the products that comes with direct contact with your children and will be used frequently everyday. Click the below button to choose the best baby bottles in Amazon.


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