The Best IPL Hair Removal System to Buy That Provides Best Value for Money

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Introduction – Buying an IPL Hair Removal System 

All of us can agree on the fact that removing body hair, whether it be on the arm or the bikini line, is quite the hassle. You have to either bear the pain of waxing or go through the long and messy process of shaving yourself. However, there are now much more convenient options out there that make removing hair a comparatively quick and easy task.

Now, laser technology is being integrated into DIY hair removal systems. Previously, such technologies were limited to dermatologists. Between this and traditional hair removal systems, the fact is that you now have quite a lot of options to choose from.

However, rather than selecting just any product, you must make sure that the hair removal system you select is up to par. For starters, you need to check for FDA approval to ensure that the product is safe to use. Additionally, effectiveness, performance, and cost are other important factors.

For those of you who are clueless about which IPL hair removal system to go for, don’t worry. We are here to help you out. Here are the top 8 products on the market.


SmoothSkin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal System

SmoothSkin is known for offering high-quality and safe products. Its Bare Ultrafast IPL hair removal system is hands down one of the best ones in the market right now.

Who Should Use It?

Anyone who wants to remove hair quickly will find this product to be an excellent choice for the body and face.

Main Features

One of the best features of this hair removal system is how fast it operates. Between each flash, the system merely takes 0.6 seconds. This means you can easily get done with removing body hair from the legs, arms, underarms and bikini line within 10 minutes.

The product is equipped with a technology that allows it to operate without stopping. Unlike other hair removal systems, you don’t need to go through the hassle of recharging it once it runs out after a limited number of flashes. Also, the FDA-approved equipment comes with a skin tone sensor so that your skin is not flashed if it is not safe to do so.

  • Quick hair removal experience.
  • Highly durable.
  • Safe to use.
  • Price is a tad high.


Silk’n Flash & Go – Professional Grade Home Hair Removal Device

Looking for something that has been approved by physicians? If so, you will prefer this Silk’n Flash & Go hair removal device.

Who Should Use It?

If you want a professional-grade experience within the comfort of your home, you should use this device.

Main Features

It is accompanied by 5000 flashes. This is enough for you to get through quite a few sessions of removing hair without any interruptions. A highly appreciated feature of this product is its design. The design is high tech and allows you to effectively target each body part and area. This means that you can rest assured that no patches of hair will remain after you are done.

This hair removal system makes use of light to remove your body hair. This includes those on the face as well. It has been reported that in the long run, it helps reduce hair growth. This is ensured by the inclusion of the Home Pulsed Light technology. This technology imparts light pulses on your skin, which target your hair follicles all the way from the root.

  • Professional-grade result.
  • FDA and clinically approved.
  • It is essentially pain-free.
  • It reduces hair growth
  • While it advertises permanent result, it does not live up to its claim.


Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria Beauty has been quite popular among users because of its various hair removal systems. This particular product has also managed to leave its mark behind.

Who Should Use It?

Both men and women can use this device. It is perfect for those who wish for a permanent solution.

Main Features

The company claims to deliver a permanent solution. This has been achieved by the 4X laser technology, which is used to target hair follicles from the root. By doing so, it slowly disables hair growth once and for all.

The design of the product is made keeping in mind the various curves of the body. You can easily use the product on hard-to-reach parts as well. The energy delivered by the hair removal system is thrice what is usually offered by home hair removal systems. Hence, you can expect a quality professional-like performance at home.

  • The results last for a long time if they are permanent for all.
  • You don’t need to replace the cartridge.
  • The skin-tone sensor makes it safe to use.
  • It can only work for 40 minutes before requiring recharging.
  • It is incredibly expensive.


Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System

With long-lasting hair removal, ease of use and robustness, this hair removal system does a lot of things right.

Who Should Use It?

This product is specifically designed to be used for female facial hair. You can use it on cheeks, chin, upper lip and sideburns along with the entire body.

Main Features

The best thing about this Remington hair removal system is its speed. You can easily clean up your underarm as well as bikini line in less than a minute. Such swift performance is seldom delivered by other hair removal systems.

Also, while a lot of other devices can get uncomfortable to use, this one doesn’t. Hence, you don’t need to take breaks between using the product.

It is equipped with 65,000 flashes. That’s a lot! It is also sufficient for multiple hair removing sessions. After 65,000 flashes, you will need to replace the cartridge. This is twice as much flash than the last Remington model.

  • The skin contact sensor lets you know the best time to start the device, ensuring optimum usage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Less hair growth is seen after three uses.
  • The customer service could be improved.


Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL has been lauded by its users for its excellent performance and quality.

Who Should Use It?

If you prioritize durability above all, you might want to use this hair removal system.

Main Features

There are a lot of value-added features in this hair removal system. For instance, it takes it upon itself to deliver a safe device. Not only is it FDA-approved, but it also has an integrated UV filter. This filter makes sure that your skin does not get directly exposed to UV light laser, which might have damaged your skin.

Additionally, it delivers customized service as per the requirement of your skin tone. Firstly, it comes with a skin tone sensor, which helps detect your tone and skin type. Then, you can choose between adjustable energy settings and treat your skin according to its needs.

Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty. When you add this to the fact that the product is capable of delivering its hair removing services for six years without needing any replacement parts, you are bound to admit that it is very cost-effective.

  • Highly safe to use.
  • Good value for money.
  • Durable
  • It doesn’t remove hair as thoroughly as some of the other products.


Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

When you think of Braun, you imagine the product delivered to be high quality. This IPL hair removal system has managed to uphold this legacy.

Who Should Use It?

Individuals who are looking for one of the fastest hair removal experiences should use this device.

Main Features

Generally, hair removal systems are able to detect different skin tones. However, only a few offers the same service for different body parts. This product achieves the latter with the help of its skin tone sensor. Therefore, the treatment the various body parts receive is customized depending on their needs.

You can select between two types of settings, namely normal and gentle. This means you get to decide how thoroughly the device will work. This is perfect for those who feel uncomfortable about using hair removal systems.

Whether your skin tone is brown or black, you can rest assured that this device will work efficiently for you.

  • The treatment delivered differs for different body parts.
  • It is very fast.
  • You don’t need to recharge it.
  • It comes with a razor.
  • People with blonde or red hair will find the product to be not as effective.


Elos Touch Advance Laser Hair Removal System

The chances are that you might not have heard of this brand, but rest assured that the hair removal system offered is one of the best in the market for the price charged.

Who Should Use It?

Almost anyone can use this hair removal system. This is because it is usable by 1 to 6 skin tones for body and 1 to 4 for the face.

Main Features

What sets this product apart from some of the other options in the market is the fact that it integrates professional technology into a DIY product. Therefore, you can bid goodbye to the need to go to salons. You can easily achieve a similar result in your home by using this product.

The quality of the hair removal process is guaranteed by the use of radio frequency as well as IPL. While IPL helps convert light into thermal energy, RF ensures that the hair follicles are well heated. The former helps remove hair, while the latter makes the effect somewhat permanent.

  • It works well with a lot of skin tones.
  • The effect is fast and long-lasting.
  • The design of the product allows for a smooth hair removing experience.
  • The durability of the product can be improved.


iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction System

Want something that is fit for all hair colors and skin types? iluminage will be perfect for it.

Who Should Use It?

People who want a hair reduction system that they can carry with them when they travel should definitely use this product.

Main Features

A unique feature of this hair reduction system is the compactness of the design. Since it is small and lightweight, it offers enhanced portability to users. This makes it a perfect device when traveling. You might think that the small size makes it unusable for large areas, but this is not true. You can use it for bikini line, legs and face alike.

It is equipped with a Dual-Wave technology which has been patented by iluminage. In fact, this is the only product that has been cleared by FDA for delivering permanent outcomes for everyone, regardless of their skin tone.

Furthermore, it can be used by both men and women and lead to a decrease in hair growth in both of them at the same pace. The fact that the process is painless makes it a likely choice for those with low pain threshold.

  • Perfect for all hair colors and skin types.
  • The process is painless.
  • It does not require to be charged.
  • The process is very fast.
  • You have to wax the body part beforehand for optimum results


While each of these eight hair removal systems succeeds in doing something right, we specifically preferred SmoothSkin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal System. This is because unlike other items, it has unlimited flashes. At the same time, it offers almost all the benefits as the other seven products, and the features delivered make the cost of the hair removal system justifiable.

Regardless of which hair removal device you choose, make a point of selecting one. In today’s world, no one has the time and energy to spend waxing or shaving their body hair. Get rid of these hassles with the help of IPL hair removing systems.

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