Things to consider to buy best pressure cooker in 2019

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Breville BPR700BSS The Fast Slow Pro3.8$$
All-Clad CZ720051 Electric pressure cooker4.0$$
KitchenAid KMC4241OB Multi Cooker3.9$$$$
REDMOND pressure multi cooker4.0$$
Instant Pot IP DUO604.3$$$
Aicok 7 in 1 programmable electric pressure cooker4.2$$$$
Cuisines CPC-600 6 Quart pressure cooker4.1$$
T-fal CY505E 12-in-1 Programmable Electric Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker4.3$$$
Avador AV-13CS603W 10 Preset Menu Pressure Cooker4.4$$$


When it comes to buying a perfect pressure cooker. There is many things to consider. To begin with we should consider various factors including the quality of materials the vendor used, weight and etc

How does pressure cooker work

So how exactly the pressure cooker work? Pressure is built up when the juice in itself is built up inside of the food and being cooked. The pressure will increases and causing the food to heat up internally. Using this method, the cooking time require can be reduced substantially to almost 30% of the original time required.


Advantages of using pressure cooker

The food is being cooked much faster

When using the pressure cooking method compare to other methods. The pressure cooking will require much less water compare to conventional boiling and at such the energy is needed much less.

Better taste

The taste of food is also much better when using the pressure cooking method. It is because the mallard reaction is being leveraged and the development of much more desirable flavour of food is created. The food fallout are therefore preserved and less seasoning of other ingredients is required.

Hygiene of kitchen

The use of pressure cooker will reduce the trouble in cleaning and messing up the kitchen because the pressure cooker will require less other cooking tools and make the kitchens less messy and easier to clean and to be maintained.


Disadvantages of pressure cooker

Much more expensive

The pressure cookers are much more expensive than the ordinary cooker because of the durability required to sustain the pressure built up inside the cooker and also materials has to be much more sustainable in all types of food that the juice will be boiled in temperature higher than 100 degree Celsius.

Not able to understand the changes of food

Since the pressure cooker is tightly sealed. Therefore one cannot open the lid during the cooking process. As such, for food cooking process that require the continuous checking of the food might be a problem.

Heavier than normal cooking materials

If you are interested in camping. The weight for the pressure cooker is definitely not deal for you to be used in the camping.

How to buy the right pressure cooker

The size you need

First thing first, we are having the pressure cooker for cooking. Make sure you find the pressure cooker that the size is enough for the food to put in. It seemingly that the larger the cooker is merrier, however, it will take up more time to pressure up the cooker for the pressure to build up. Therefore better choosing the optimal size of cooker for your need.

Varies pressure level

Statistically, to cook the food in best situation, pressure level of 15 psi is the best pressure. Therefore make sure you choose the most optimal time and ensure the cooking pressure is at sufficient power.

Warranty information

The pressure cooker can last for a long time. Some come with a life time warranty system and you may have a hassle free pressure cooker in life time.


Most people think that a pressure cooker must be very expensive. However it might not be the case. In most of the situation, the cost can be reasonable cheap. However, some brand has a relatively more expensive cost for the pressure cooker because they come with a life time warranty. While choosing the buy best pressure cooker, it does not mean the price has to be very high.

Material being used

Make sure when buying the best pressure cooker. The stainless steel and three-ply bottom arrangement is definitely the best version. However, do not get mislead by the word stainless steel. Some of the stainless steel are mainly of chromium and nickel. By default, if you look at the bottom of the cooker. 20/19 stainless steel means a 20% chromium and 19% nickel.

Accurate pressure indicator and pressure release

When looking at pressure release handler. It can quickly lower the pressure inside the pot and without the problem to lose the heat inside. This allow the food to be boiled within inside even after the pressure is released. Ideal when you have done cooking but not all your friends and family have arrived yet.

Do not get the non stick pressure cooker

We recommend that you do not use the non sticking pressure cooker. This is because these type of non sticking cooker will not be able to last for a long period of time and are only available for short period.

Lid close and gas leak detection

If the lid is not closed properly, then the instant pressure cooking pot will not function properly. Therefore the use of the closed lid will allow the cooker leak to be detected easily.

Top buy best pressure cooker


Instant Pot IP DUO60

The instant pot IP DUO series comes with the best easy to use and clean function and allow the very prudent extensive safety mechanisms for the cooker to operate.

It prevent the cooker from accidental opening while the cooker is pressurised. If you afraid the lid will leak accidentally, there is a smart detection function and allow the steam release at the opening position.

The blockage vent will prevents the food debris from blocking the vent and it’s automatic temperature control regulates temperature based on the program selected.

What’s more is that it has a fuse cutting power function and ensure the electrical current or temperate will not exceed the safety limits.


Breville BPR700BSS The Fast Slow Pro

The Breville is a reputable brand with color changing LCD and tells you when exactly the cooker is pressurised.

It comes with 11 pressure cooking settings and let you custom select to suit your best required receipts.

During our review, we figure that it comes with the removable cooking bowl and for free ceramic coating.

If you are an experienced user of the pressured cooker. Then you will know that the release of steam can be very risky. Therefore it comes with a steam release function and the release mode will allow you to automatically changes the foods when selected.

With the 6 quart unit and 4.5 quart total capacity of solid ingredients and 1.5 quart liquid, it has the best layered base to work under pressure and sauté.


All-Clad CZ720051 Electric pressure cooker 

If you think of cooking, the first thing that you have in mind is the trouble in cleaning the cooker. The All-Clad model of pressured cooker come together with the dish washing function and a easy to read LED screen. The 8 easy to use modes let you changes the mode with one button and has a unique and sophisticated design.

If you need to use the cooker in a customised results, it has a gleaming stainless steel and will let you quickly become the favourite for the cooking and precision handling.

It is hassle free one sized pressure cooker and you are fine as long as you wont cook for like 12 person food in one pot.


KitchenAid KMC4241OB Multi Cooker 

There are 10 cooking methods and 4 steps method and dual purpose steam basket for the roasting rack. It will monitor the temperature closely and ranges from 11 to 450 degree Fahrenheit. It can sustain up to 12 hours of cooking and arrangement.


REDMOND Pressure Multi Cooker

The RedMond cooker comes together with 100 receives of book and for you to arrange the food in up to 23 programs. There is 4 level of safety protection and 2 years warranty.


MIEDEA MY-CS6004W Stainless Steel

Comes with 15 programme cooking system and allowing you to cook vegetables, rice, soup and everything.

All you need to use this power cord is very simple, just plug the power cord into the wall outlet and open the lid by turning it counter clockwise. The materials and removable stainless inner pot will allow it to run clockwise. After pressing the cooking button, you will automatically enjoy the breakfast in the next Monday easily.

It comes with a silicone gasket and it can be easily removed and to be washed.

The preset functions is 8 hours for slow cooking function. You can also choose 6 hours in manual settings and this can be easily amended.


Aicok 7 in 1 programmable electric pressure cooker 

The Aicok comes with eh 7 to 1 multi functional cooker for the pressure cooker and porridge maker. It be used easily with a built in smart programs. With fast and flexibility cooking. It is built with safety and 10 proven safety mechanisms. The Aicok pressure cooker is carefully designed to that you can eliminate all the problem in food spoiling.


Cuisines CPC-600 6 Quart pressure cooker 

The 6 quart capacity and 99 minute time LED countdown display function.

The cousinart is definitely the best option in the pressure cooker option with cool touch handles and sissy washing cooking pot. It is nonstick cooking pot and comes with quick pressure release flexibility.


T-fal CY505E 12-in-1 Programmable Electric Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

The 6 quart stainless steel pressure cooker is a healthy and delicious meals that comes with 12 automatic functions. Including the timing ability up to 12 hours and you can cook your breakfast before you sleep.

It is programmed in 25 functions and for you to select the cooking combinations. It also has the ability to detach the power cord just in case you think that there is a safety issue and concern. It has a inner ceramic pot that easy for remove for your easy cleaning and the ceramic is permanently attached but the cooking pot can be easily removed for cleanse.


Avador AV-13CS603W 10 Preset Menu Pressure Cooker

The Avador is the cooking device that with in a 24 hours preset timer and numerous manual settings. It is both UL and UCL certified and comes with 9 safety mechanisms. With the package of the cooker, it has the soup spoon and steel rack along.

Please note that it does not have a cooking instruction and with the saute setting will make it one of the best buy pressure cooker in the market. It has the slow cook mode and can cook beans nicely. With the roasts with rice ability and reduce cooking time easily, it is definitely the great pot for money.


The key idea here for choosing the right pressure cooker is not just about the brand of the cooker. But the ability to handle the manual settings that fit in you and your family cooking habit is very important.Some might want to have food that with a larger range of food types and this will let you choose things easier and selecting the way to buy best pressure cooker.


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