Things to consider when buying a baby strollers 2019

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If you have a new born baby. Or your family or relatives of your have a new born baby. Then the need of a strollers is necessary. The stroller is the first gear and perhaps the most important gear that the baby will need at the beginning.

Therefore, the safety, stability and also the ability to withstand the sudden crash or shock is important. In this review we will dig into details the things you will need to consider when buying a baby strollers

How to choose and things to consider when buying a baby strollers

Types of strollers

There is different type of strollers, some is a standard strollers. The standard strollers might have a different type of styles and designs by ultimately it is for comfortable and seat and to recline the different positions.

The range is wide and can ranges from simple, inexpensive strollers to some high end strollers that is loaded with different type of features.

Type of stroller frames

The frames is like the bone of the frames. The lighter the materials of the frames will make it the better designed with lighter weight for you to carry the infant. This become critical as not all countries come with the strollers or disabled rollers for the strollers to ride on. The car seat stroller frames will allow you to attach and remove the car seat easily.

Travel systems strollers

Usually the travel system is relatively heavier and much more expensive version. However, after the baby grown to the size where yu cannot use the infant car seat. The travel systems will allow you to match infant car seat typically and you can reuse it herein.

Double and triple strollers

This type of strollers allow you to push the children easily at once. As such, the child can sits comfortably behind the other and this is useful for the baby and also the older sibling. As such, you will be able to move the maneuver easily and side by side the strollers will allow you to have a harder wheel down to the crowded sidewalk.

Things you need to consider when buying strollers

How easy for you to folds the stroller

Some stroller can be folded in one hand. While some might need you to handle it by two hands. This is critical specially when you are holding your baby yourselves in one hand and you would need to unfold it yourself. Without the need of friends and relatives nearby. Then the stroller folding in one hand will allow you the capabilities to arrange transformation from different type of transport.

Find the stroller that fits your lifestyle the most

As mentioned earlier, there’s travel system, different frames, standard and lightweight strollers. As such the type of t stroller changes from varies to varies one. In some cases, the umbrella strollers might even help you better and the best stroller for you to use. Though, you would definitely need a elder babies to sustain such strollers.

Things to consider when buying a baby strollers

Type of budget

When buying different type of trollers. Same as buying different type of baby items. You might increases the budget from time to time. Especially you come across some salesmen that might want to up sell you to some products. Our advise is that you should always stick to the budget that you intended to originally. Otherwise, you might end up paying much more than what you are intended to pay.

Check for warranty and return polices

If you buy online, especially in some reputable commerce website. The type of warranty and length is critical. If you don’t want to end up buying a strollers that doesn’t fit in your need. Make sure you check clearly the return policies and the length of warranty before buying.


Check carefully for the certification. In baby products that require so much safety. The certification on the sticker on the stroller will allow you to test the key products and finding the products that being certified.

Seek for the handle bar that suits yourself

The handle bar that you push the stroller with handles is very important. This is the item that you uses the most and you should always look for the handle that fit the height for yourself.

Feasibility to steer

The feasibility for you to steer the strollers and how much effort you need to pay to push and pick, carry up the stairs is another thing that we recommend you to pay attention. Most of the buyers and first hand parents do not aware that they should consider that. And most of the time they will only push and test the strollers at the shop forward and backwards. This will become critically important when you aware that the weight of the strollers can be a lot. The ideal pounds of the stroller is around 10 to 18 pounds. Especially mother that have to carry the strollers alone without their husband nearby. The lighter the strollers the more important it is.

Space it takes

Some trollers take up a lot of space. Apart from the feasibility for you to fold the strollers. The size it takes after folding it is critical as well. Some strollers take up very less space after collapsing and can be easily stored nearby the door. While some take up so much space that as if it was not folded.

One thing worth mentioning is that after folding the strollers. If there is enough handle for you to hold the strollers and move it along to different areas is very important too.

Umbrella or a full sized strollers

The use of the umbrella stroller with a lightweight is a compact option if you need to travel. They are typically come with much fewer features and the with lighter weight.

All the things for consideration for this aspects might not be critical. What we think is that if you are the type of parents that always need to travel some different places to places and want to have the baby strollers as a tool to carry the items. This would be ideal for the full size strollers over the umbrella one.

Number of strollers needed

This questions is as hard to answer as if one belonged asked: How many cars do one need. Simply answer, one will suffice. However, the number of strollers and type of strollers will allow you to use the baby strollers easier in different environment. So in short, it depends on your budget and your needs in the end.

The best 10 baby strollers recommended


Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum


This is ranked the top in our list for it’s convenient in parent tray with two cup holders. Swift front swivel wheel for maneuvering and allow the easy locking of jogging. This is definitely one of the most convenient version for parent tray including the two cup holders and allow covering of compartment storage. The child tray comes with two cup holders and it accepts the car seats to form a travel system.

It is of extra wide and ergonomically shaped with a nice rubber. The footrest comes with reflectors and provide a very great low light visibility for others to know there is a baby strollers here. This lightweight steel frame construction is definitely the ideal one. We put this at the top of our list for it’s comparison between value of money and quality.


  • An easy compact fold with storage to travel
  • Smooth reclining padded seat
  • 2 cup holders with convenient parent tray


  • Cannot carry very heavy items at the holder as the car is very lightweight
  • Does not cover fully to foot area of baby


Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

The Graco is a fast action fold Jogger that able to have one click jogging of stroller. This only require one second with one hand folding of the stroller. As the automatic storage lock is self standing when folded. This 3 wheel stroller is all air filled rubber for suspension. In our review, you can ride on the car nicely in all terrain. This lockable front swivel wheels gives you the ride with fun and comfortably.


Graco FastAction Sport LX Stroller

This fast action fold is a one second and one hand fold that provides the ultimate in convenience for moms. This stroller distinguish itself from the other by it’s friendly design for your children padding. Now your elder kids is willing to help with the pushing of the strollers. Get your kids in and out of the stroller easily with the cup holder pivots.


Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller


The Graco family is big. For this two colors option on either Green or Black version is the type of baby strollers that we recommend. Comes with the one click connection infant car ability and a large area at the back of the strollers to let parents store items comfortably. This parents tray and the two cup holders and zippered storage with basket will be the essentials for all parents.

This stroller is designed to hold children up to 50 lbs. This way you can use the stroller for years for your family and while still provide the maximum coverage for your children. It has the best strolling security and you could appreciate this product with e peaceful mind and not to worry the safety of the car. Other than having a large one wheel at the front. This design on strollers with two small rollers at front will allow you to stroller safely.


Graco Modes Sport Stroller

Ideal for your husband, the father to push the baby car with it’s ability to push in a sporty mode. This lifestyle stroller make you to carry your loved one since infant to a baby. This can be configured easily and ride in 10 different ways. It create an infant carriage and pushing the the baby in a forward facing seats. Like all the Graco family. It is for children to 50 lbs. Come with the sun canopy, unlike the other can not just protect the baby from rain but also from sun burn as well.


Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller


Comes with nice adjustable leg support with 5 point safety harness. This reversible seat let you psuh the seats forward and have a nice rear facing. The height is adjustable and the telescopic handle make it the 6th place in our recommended list. One thing to mention is that it only comes with two color. Either pink or blue for clear sexuality identification. The weight is only limited to 25 lbs but we tested it with maximum of 40 lbs with no problem in worrying the strollers will fall back. You can also reclines the seat completely to flat.


Chicco Bravo LE Stroller


Chicco stroller is well famous for the ability to remove the seat and transform your baby storller into a frame carrier. You can have it detached and make it comfortably seat on the back of your SUV. Designed with a nice canopy feature and flip out and inward visor extension. Now your kids even have a fancy desk in front. Let the baby eat right at the baby strollers smoothly. It might seems a bit more expensive than the other version. However, this strollers has the child tray and you do not need to order it separately.

One thing to remember is that it only has a forward facing option and the front wheel do not have the locking device for keeping the wheels straight.


Maxi-Cosi Kaia Special Edition Stroller


This special edition stroller is the lightweight design and compact folding version. During our review, the thing we liked the most is that it let your baby stroller to stand even during folded version. It has 5 different angle for harness and provide extra safety to your infants and kids.

it is in fact the same version as the Kaia in the US version. In essence, do note that it only comes with the adapters and it the clips is right in and very easy to be installed quickly. Therefore the Mico can be installed to the stroller and your last baby is good for the upgrade.


Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller

As we mentioned above. Pick the strollers that to your need. If you are the type of parents that usually need to take care of the children yourself. Then the one hand folding design will be the best of the best option for your to close the stroller in just under a seconds.

This helpful click and go system will let oyu push it in a quick connection to any Britax infant car seat. The large under seat storage and additional zippered pocket fit is the life essentials. The transparent design of the zipped bag let you check the items loaded or not easily without the need to open it up and check. Of course that would mean that you shouldn’t and cannot put your purse or wallet in there.

The B-Agile is built with aluminum frame and especially designed for multi tasking parents. The 3 wheel configuration, like others, will let you slide the stroller easily. The stroller when folded up is round 38 x 23 x 40 inches and the stroller does recline as well.

While inside the strollers seat it is not very tight and ideally for a more wider age range. As such, we recommend children with a bit more proper head and neck control so that you can hold the baby in a better up straight standing position.


BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller


This BOB pro stroller comes with a rear drum brakes for the best downhill control. Designed with a adjustable suspension system that can handle 3 inches of travel and two different stage for the weight handling. The price is definitely costly compare to the other version.

We put this into the last in our top 10 list not because it is the least favorable option among them all. It is in fact the state of the art suspension system that let you side and adjust the handlebar and providing a perfect fitting for parents. It pair with the B-Safe 35 infact car seat and the 180 degree adjustable padded handlebar with 9 positions gives you the perfect fitting for all parents height.

One thing to mention is that the wheel is made of high impact polymer. In the event where your kids is fall asleep. The pushing of the tires will not affect much on your children. This easy two step folding pad provides the best convenient transportation and storage support.


Like always, while picking the best strollers for your baby or as a gift. Make sure you consider the type of parents you are. Selecting from the start and think of the budget that you are willing and can afford. Do note that nowadays strollers are mainly designed for a longer period of time of usage and ideally for parents with cars.


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