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Things to consider when buying air fryer – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2019

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Introduction – Buying a Air Fryer

The term air fryer is all over the place recently. There is a lot of things we need to consider when buying an air fryer. In this holistic review, we will cover from the very basic things and the technology behind.

What exactly is an air fryer

Air fryer is a kitchen cookers that using the circulation of hit air around the food. The concept is like using a mechanical fan to circulates the hot air to the food at a very high speed. The cooking of the food and producing a very crispy layer using the Maillard effect. The exact same effect where you want it to happen when you prepare for a steak.

By circulating the air degree to 200 to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This cooking machine will produce fries foods including potato chips, chicken, fish and pastries with much less oil than the original deep frying method.

How healthy is using air fryer

The main advantage of using air fryer is definitely the less oil uses compared to deep oil frying. The exhaustion of the fan above the cooking chamber will help you to make the required airflow to the underside. Allowing the heated air to passes through the food in a constant speed and evenly.

In the end, all part of the food will receive the same amount of heat. You can image that by using air to cook the food. All the area can be heated evenly and the temperature raises using the fan will grill the air fryer at a high speed. This thus achieve the healthy qualities that you will need when conducting air firing food.

Type of food that a air fryer can handle

Nearly all type of food the air fryer can handle. Mostly, this cooker is used in chicken and French fries. While everyone of us would like to have and enjoy air frying food. The dilemma of hurting your body and causing a high cholesterol damage will then be refrained.

During our testing, we also tried using this frying cooker to handle hamburgers, steaks and the other French fries. Which can save you a lot of time

Exhaustion of air

When buying a air fryer. The most important and critical area is to ensure the internal pressure inside the air fryer can be emitted. Image that it’s a very hot boiling fan and the air will filter through the internal area and build up pressure.

The air is then resumed a few times before it is ejected to the atmosphere.

Cooling system of air fryer

Type of cooling system is critical in the use of air fryer. The physical phenomenon named superheated air will appear if the air fryer is over cooked. This comes to a time where the fan mounted to the motor axis will control the internal temperature.

The fan will ensure that the environment inside the air fryer will stays clan and remain healthy. Allowing fresh air to pass through the filters to proved to the bottom of the fryer.

When will air fryer advanced take place

AIr fryer just came tot eh world for around 7 years first in the Europe. Nowadays many other famous cooking companies including  Black and Decker and Philips  have also made air fryer in their own.

While many American want to ensure their health is better and uses the air fryers for the preparation of chicken wings.

Defrost ability

An Air fryer can handle all the freezing of food in the air fryer. They uses the knob for the food while you are cooking. Normally it takes a bit more time to defrost the food. The best thing about using air fryer for defrost is that it can defrost all the food evenly at a stable time.

Top recommended air fryer to buy


Secura 1500 Watt Large Capacity Hot Air Fryer

The secura 4 liter electric hot air fryer uses the hot air together with the combination of high speed air circulation at the top grill. What best is that the rapid hot air will goes through the variety of tasty dishes in fast and easy way.

Come with a 2 year manufactures limited warranty and will heat the fried foods quickly and evenly. With variable temperature ranges from 180-390 degrees (F) and maximum of 60 minutes timer to automatically shuts off the machine once the cooking is completed.

This machine does not emit any heal and its perfect for energy saving. What’s better is that it come with a baking pan for your option.

If you want to clean it, purely detach it and take it to the dishwasher and thrust water on it.


Air Fryer XL 5.3 QT Black Deluxe with Power AIr Frying

With two colour, either black or red. This power air frying comes with 119 delicious recipes and teaches you how to make many type of food. This power air frying by the famous cooker, Eric Theiss and can repaid air technology to roast, air fry and bake and Grill.

You can even do it without any oil and cook it healthy without and butters or oil as well.

Don’t mistaken this air fryer as a dehumidifier though.


GoWise USA GW22621 4th Generation ELectric AIr Fryer

Come with four colors to 5.8QT size. This electric air fryer gives you the perfect joy

What’s best about this air fryer is that it has been ETL certified. Meaning that it can be easily transfer the food to the plate with Teh detachable basket. No more need on the transfer of the food from one place to the other.


Avalon Bay Digital AirFryer with Rapid Air Circulation Technology

The Avalon come with a rapid air circulation technology and gives a strong circulation hot air and precision and speed for you to enjoy the foods without the use of any oil.

This gives you another alternative to deep frying. What best about this air fryer is that it has a non sticking baking dish and with the solution of multi-use layer rack. You can put the whole chicken on it for baking arrangement.

For 30 mins later, it will automatically switch itself to the standby mode when the cooking of food is completed.

If you are interested to further decorate your kitchen area a bit. You might use this and select the fancy red and sharp white colour for air circulation.


XtremepowerUS 3.5 Liter Oil-Free 1500 Watts Electric Air Fryer cooker

If you are a lazy person or do not have any skills or concept on the cooking of any food. Then the arrangement of 8 built in smart programs will let you handle chips, meat, chicken, steak, shrimp and most of the food using the mania mode.

Also come with a nicely designed recipe book and with the ability to range it from 176 to almost 400 degree and 30 mins timer make it the recommended one in our top list.

You can check here for the amazon review ** that it has a very good rating out of five stars. What’s more is that this air fryer cooker will take around almost 2 months to ship.

Do put this into consider if you are in need for a quick air fryer or use it as a give.

Since this air fryer cooker size is larger, you could even cook it without the use of any oil. Now your chicken wing will be fries in a way that make all sort of food nice and cool.

Come along with the 1500watt of power. The nice digital display and detachable sockets gives you easy to clean. YOu can have the food refrozen under a minute and spraying the corn tortillas with the olive oil.


NutriChef Electric Air Fryer and multi cooker with 1200 Watt

It is a healthy oil free frying alternative that give you a hassle free and very simple operation kitchen food. This easy to air frying all gives you a economic version and achieve a tasty low fat foods benefits.

Prepare yourself for a significant healthier foods other than the traditional frying way. This broiling ability together with roast and grill and BBQ. Now this Teflon non sticking coasted frying basket will be the crux of your kitchen business


GoWISE USA Electric Digital Air Fryer w/ Button Guard and Detachable Basket 2.75 QT

With ETL certification and let you prepare all the food without the need to add any calories of oil.

Now you can adjust the temperature and adjusts the timer up to 30 minutes and you do not need to worry the fryers ability to keep standby itself.

The non sticking coating and dish waters is very safe for you to make it easy to clean the grease and food to wipe down all the air fryer with a nice damp cloth for you to look just like a new one.

During our review, we figure that the white colour is relatively much smaller than the other colour. While everything is in fact the same.


Zelancio Titan X-1 Digital LCD Dispaly AIr Fryer

This is a very fast and rapid air circulation technology. During our review, we realize that this cooking meals are easy to be used for a whole family and come with 2.5 liter cooking capacity.

All of the parts is detachable and versatile for you to cook the food to impress your family.

The strong versatile and ability that gives you to serve all different chicken and vegetables for all.

This Zelancio Titan is designed for you to wash it easily. All you need to do is to wash the water to it into the dishwasher and all is well.


Gourmia GCR1700 10-in-1 programmable multi cooker and air fryer

This strong and nice air fryer cooker gives you the 10 to 1 ability to grill and bake. Exclusively designed for your hands to keep you o need to stir and featuring the top mounted self operating stirrer for the frying of all food.

During our review, it can even handle all sort of scrambled eggs and let you enjoy the moisture interiors and crisp to preprogrammed the control panel.

Do note that this product is all made in China nad rebranded to a UK brand. As such, the product is relatively cheaper.


Delonghi Air Fryer

Less than a hundred bucks and this air technology for frying food with some oil will suffice.

Do note that this air fryer comes with a completely reliable pan and you can even detach the basket for clearing out quickly in the dishwasher.

However, if you are going to make a nice turkey. Then this air fryer will not be able to handle a turkey. It also doesn’t have any quarts in the air fryer.


To conclude, upon all the features. The ability to cook the food and also the watt and circualtion ability is the critical. discount offer up to 70% in amazon.  Get the deal the one that you really like!


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