Top 10 Leather Shoes Available In The Internet

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When picking a high quality shoes, there is a lot of things to consider.

A. Full grain:

For shoes that are made up of full grain leather that consist of scars, insect bites and wrinkles, they are all natural phenomenon of leather. The definition of full grain shoes mean that the grain hides haven’t been sanded, buffed or changed whereas the corrected grain have some imperfection or natural marks on the surface.

Contrary to many readers, in fact for top grain leather, the Color is more inconsistent, it has a very nice surface yield and the leather appears to be very smooth and good in condition.

Going down the grading of shoes, e.g. Genuine leather and belly leather, all have a proportion of leather and the loosely wrinkle of the leather will causes leather in a weak and degrades colouring.

The highest quality of the shoes is tightest version, which get the leather with tannery and receive different parts of the hide.

B. Thickness of the leather:

Do not mistaken that the thicker of the leather, represents the higher quality of the shoes, in reality, this rule of thumb can be true but for top graded leather, some very thin leather can be a very nice leather as well.

C. Colour consistency:

Colour consistency doesn’t matter for top graded shoes but only true for shoes that is of medium quality level.

D. Whole Cut

For shoes such as Oxford version, the different parts of the shoes will result in different part of the leather to combine together. As such, one piece shoes are relatively much harder to make. Although one piece shoes will result in some wrinkle, but they are indeed very beautiful to wear.

E. Wait for at least 10 mins and for your feet to swell

Only after a time of walking or at least 10 mins of wearing the shoes, your foot will swell and you can device whether the shoes fit your size or not.

PictureModelRatingPriceLatest Price
Bruno HOMME MODA ITALY PRINCE Modern Oxford3.9$$
Cole Haan Men's Preston Wingtip Oxford4.0$$
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Tmaldez Oxford3.8$
Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men's Half Time Oxford Shoe3.7$
Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford4.3$$$
Allen Edmonds Men's Shelton Saddle Shoe4.2$$$$$
Gordon Rush Men's Baines Oxford4.1$$
Florsheim Men's Montinaro Wingtip Oxford4.8$$$
Loake 1880 Men's Scarfell Cap Toe Oxford Shoes4.7$



The heel height for this shoes is approximately 1″ with lightly cushioned man made footbed. The best thing about this shoes is definitely it’s price. The value is very affordable and even if you didn’t like it in the end, it wont break the bank.

However, the gasoline smell in this shoes is rather strong as it’s apparently made of cheaper leather so that you can have the texture and colour of leather of it easily.


Cole Haan Men’s Preston Wingtip Oxford

The Cole Haan is one of the oldest brand in the US history for top tier luxury brands. It is founded in the 1928 and have the integration between the Eddie and Trafton Cole. It’s ofxord wingtip classic and brogueing features of the blind of stacked heel enable it to be the best shoes to wear with.

If you plan to have a pair of shoes to wear for 9-10 hours a day, this is definitely the choice.


Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Tmaldez Oxford


It may come to your surprise that Tommy Hilfiger do also have casual looking shoes model. It is Manmade and with a nice little classic TH logo on it. Weighted 12 ounces and come with great comfortable wearing with durable leather.


Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Half Time Oxford Shoe

The rubber sole with lace up dress shoes together with blind eyelect and chunky heel make it the beautiful lay out of leather shoes in the market.


Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford


The high contrasting colour from the outside and inside brown color make it the fastinating style to choose from.


Allen Edmonds Men’s Shelton Saddle Shoe


The allen edmond men shoes come together witht he leather sole with five eyelet. With rounded edge with oak leather sole, you can even choose the customizable heel. It is made of a good grade of leather, walnut and brown combination allow you to feel the harmony contrast and integration of the layout.


Gordon Rush Men’s Baines Oxford


The Gordon rush men shoes is definitely the choice that you are looking for in the long term of endurance and old-fashioned style.



Talking about the best of the best shoes. We definitely recommend the Moreschi shoes. Come with 100% leather, famous layout and shiny shoes for all time. It is not dust attractive and can be wear for many years.


Florsheim Men’s Montinaro Wingtip Oxford

It make with synthtic sole and a comfortable breathing tec lining allow you to make a nice cool memory foam inside.

Designed to be stereotyped but can be wear without a smelly feet even for 20 hours.


Loake 1880 Men’s Scarfell Cap Toe Oxford Shoes

The Loake 1880, will be the last one and like always, the most recommended one in the market. It is calfskin and crafted in the old great England with hand made smooth leather. The slightly squared profile will make it the best of the best in our recommendation list.


Apart from prices, shoes leather quality is definitely one thing that need to consider. Leather shoes is designed to be last for long and high endurance and comfort ability. It is only difficult if you want a 100% leather shoes yet can be wear with long hours of comfort to your feet. There’s is just a lot more to choose from, have a look yourself below.


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