Top 5 Mattress Review 2019 and Things to Consider in Buying a New Mattress

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This Mattress Review reveal the important points for buying a mattress. A good mattress is important to our sleep. You should consider your sleeping posture and affordability before making a good purchasing decision.

When You Need to Buy a New Mattress. A Thorough Mattress Review 2017

A number of symptom on yourself can indicate whether you bought yourself a suitable mattress and bed base. If you show the below signs, it is time for you to consider whether a new mattress and bed base should be bought:

  1. In the morning, you feel achy and tired
  2. Finding your bed lumpy and sags
  3. Suffering from neck or back pain

It is most desirable to buy the mattress and bed base in the same bedding shop.

What Kind of Sleeper You Are

This mattress review will explain the 3 types of sleepers: Back, side and Front sleepers.

Back Sleeper

Sleeping on the back is a very desirable sleeping position. It can distribute the weight and pressure evenly on the spine, neck and joints. It can reduce the stress on the discs of your spine. For many people, it is a very comfortable sleeping position. It also allows better blood circulation.

However, back sleeping has its own cons. Sleepers should be conscious in choosing a right pillow and make sure the neck is well-supported. The height of the pillow should not be too high or too low otherwise it cannot support the stress point on your neck. You will feel sorrow neck the next day.

Back sleeping is prone to snoring and Sleep Apnea as a result.

For maintaining a natural body curve of back sleeper, you should choose firm mattress such as latex mattress.

Side Sleeper

Sleeper will have less chance of having snoring. Side posture fetal pose is the best sleeping position in which your legs curl and put a pillow between your knees. This can maintain your pelvis level and reduce the chances of lower back irritation, stiffness or pain

Sleeper has larger chance to suffer from nerve compression which induce neck and back pain. The pillow used should be firm and high enough to support the head with a neutral or even position. Sleeping on the left side would reduce acid reflux. At the same time, prolong left side sleeping position will put a strain on the liver, lungs etc. Therefore, it is important to change sides throughout the night.

For maintaining a natural body curve of side sleeper, you should choose a contour and soft mattress. Mattress such as inner spring and memory foam would be ideal.

Front Sleeper

This sleeping mode implies you sleeping with your stomach and chest touching the bed. The good thing is your movement is limited and this results in a better sleep. The bad impact if its negative influence on the digestive and blood circulation system. This position not only increase the pressure at the back but also your neck by twisting it for better breathing. Putting pressure on the internal organs, you may suffer from difficulties in breathing and worse sleeping experience.

Sizes of Mattress

There are generally 6 different sizes of mattress. To maximize the sleeping system, both mattress and bed base should be of the same size as they need to fully support each other.

Type of MattressSize
Twin Size39” X 75”
Twin XL Size39” X 80”
Full Size54” X 75”
Full XL Size54” X 80”
Queen Size60” X 80”
King Size76” X 80”
California King Size72” X 84”


Types of Mattress

Summary TableHealth Concern of the MaterialSleeping ExperienceRecommended for
Latex MattressLatex is natural substance and its eco-friendly. Therefore, there is no health concern with low VOC and it’s the healthiest among all types of mattress.Bouncing, less hug and cool sleeping.Back Sleeper. As it is firm enough to support your spine.

Please use it with a low pillow.

Memory Foam MattressMemory Foam is made with chemical. There is often a pungent smell when new memory form Mattress arrives. Therefore, you should keep the house ventilated until the smell of your new mattress is goneBetter blood circulation and pressure relief. Better hug and contour sleeping experience but it will be relatively hot sleeping.Side Sleeper. Better hug allow your arm to be more contour on your mattress. This can keep you spin nature without being pressured sideway.
Innerspring MattressThere is not much health concern for innerspring mattress. But if it is made with a layer of memory foam, that memory foam will pose harm to user’s healthIt is bouncing and cooling sleeping. Due to its responsive coils, there is low motion isolation which you will wake up your partner while going onto the bed. It provides less support and contour effect to the body compared with memory foam.

However, pocketed coil mattress provides similar effect as memory foam but with better cooling effect.

It is recommended for budget user due to its relatively cheap price.

But for pocketed coil mattress, its recommended for side sleeper as it is in par with memory foam in terms of support, contour etc

 Comparison Table Among Different Type of Mattress

Comparison TableLatex MattressMemory Foam MattressInnerspring Mattress
Support●●●●●●●●●●● (for Bonnell and Continuous Coil)

●●●●● (for pocketed base and micro-coils)

Pressure Relief●●●●●●●●●● (for Bonnell and Continuous Coil)

●●●●● (for pocketed base and micro-coils)

Hug and Contour●●●●●●●●●●●
Cooling Effect●●●●●●●●●●●●
Healthy Materials●●●●●●●●●●●
No VOC Gas Emission●●●●●●●●●●●
Easy to Move On/ Motion Isolation●●●●●●●●●●●
Durability●●●●●●●●●●●● (depends on the quality of the steel in making the coils)


  1. Latex Mattress

Latex mattress is regarded as the healthiest and most eco-friendly mattresses among all. It is made of certifies organic and natural components without heavy metals. While it is natural, it contains low VOC level. 100% natural latex mattress is made of 6 nontoxic chemical such as hevea milk, fat and water. 100% natural latex mattress release minimal unpleasant odour when compared to other mattresses in the market.

Heave milk is a very expensive material. It is very costly to make a 100% natural latex mattress. Therefore, if you see a cheap latex mattress in the market stating it is made of 100% natural latex. It is very likely to be a scam. Very often a company makes a layer of 100% natural latex on top of the synthetic latex mattress and they claim that this is a 100% natural latex mattress.

Latex mattress is well-known for its durability, natural and healthy. It demonstrates a good cooling function compared with memory form. However, it might not be comfortable in terms of pressure relief and optimal blood flow.

Due to different manufacturing process, the latex mattress can be divided into Dunlop and Talalay Latex mattress. Talalay Latex is softer, lighter and more expensive than Dunlop latex. Please note that Talalay Latex has a wide range of firmness. You may choose to use a soft Talalay layer on the top and medium-to-firm Talalay at the bottom.

Latex Mattress is ideal for people who want a bouncing and cool sleeping experience. Back sleeper should find Latex Mattress suitable for their needs. People who wants the contour and pronounced hug should not opt for latex mattress.

  1. Memory Foam Mattress

This should be the most commonly found mattress available in the market. They are well-known for its comfort and pressure relief. This is also the reason why they gained their popularity. Research also shows that memory foam mattress is more ideal for blood circulation.

Unfortunately, memory foam is made with chemical which can pose harm to health. Those petroleum based memory foams are made using known carcinogens which will lead to negative impact on eyes, respiratory system, headaches etc. Please be careful and cautious while looking for memory foam mattress.

Due to the deeper hug and contour nature, memory foam has heat retention issues. Customers will generally feel very hot as the heat are trapped. To work around heat issue, a layer of cooling gel is being added on top of the memory foam for cooling purpose. There are other ways that memory foam is designed to be equipped with cooling effect

  • Foam infused with Gel
  • Convoluted Foam
  • Cooling fibers
  • Foams with more open cells

Memory Foam Mattress is ideal for people who want a hug and contour experience. Side sleeper should find Memory Foam Mattress suitable for their needs.


  1. Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattress has been existed for a number of decades. They are very popular products because they are cheap. Not only because of the price, has a variety of the springs which include metallic springs, unbroken sprung woven with a single wire etc. The higher the count of the spring, the better conforming to your body.

Innerspring mattress has good cooling effect. It does not respond differently to different room temperature. Therefore, if people who would like to have heat retention for the mattress, they should purchase an innerspring matters with a top layer of memory foam. That will be perfect.

Durability of the innerspring mattress lies in the quality of steel making the coils.

The firmness of the innerspring mattress is determined by the coils. The measurement of coil is gauge. The smaller the gauge, the thicker the coil. Thicker coils are firmer and less able to shape themselves to your body profile. Changing the shape, turns and height of coils, the firmness can be modified. The different types of coils are listed below:

  • Bonnell Coils

This kind of coil provides less support due to its middle part being thin. According to customer review, they are not comfortable due to less support and be worn out after a few years. It is also the reason why Bonnell Coils mattress is cheap.

  • Continuous Coils

Continuous Coils innerspring mattress is more supportive than Bonnell coil because of its structure. It is made of a hundreds of coils being twisted by a long single wire. Anyway, it still cannot provide the contoured support compared with memory foam.

  • Offset Coils

As the individual coils are connected by helix shaped lacing, it is more firm than the previously Bannell and Continuous Coils. Customer who has back pain would prefer this mattress for its support. Although this mattress cannot provide motion isolation, they are very durable comparatively.

  • Pocketed Coil

They are designed to support on par with memory foam mattresses. The coils are soft and separately wrapped. They are mostly used as a base to support a layer of mattress. This type of mattress is more expensive but not more durable because the spring is weak as they are used as if single unit.

While Pocketed Coil Mattress is in par with memory form in terms of pressure relief and support, Pocketed Coil Mattress is more bouncing. Customer should opt for Pocketed Coil Mattress for better bouncing effect.

Innerspring Mattress is suitable for people with limited budget. Innerspring Mattress with Pocketed Coil is in par with memory foam in terms of conformity and pressure relief. However, it is more expensive than the regular innerspring mattresses. For Pocketed Coil Innerspring Mattress, side sleeper is recommended.

Top 5 Mattress Review

I have conducted a study and analyzed a number of customers’ mattress reviews. I found the below mattress won others in term of their support, durability, contour, cooling effect etc.

Product NameOriginSleeper TypeCertificationFeatureMaterialWarrantyPrice
Brentwood Home Mirador Natural Latex MattressCalifornia, USASide SleeperCerti-PUR Certified2 layers of natural latex provide bouncing and cooling experience.

New Zealand wool serve as natural fire resistant.

Softech micro coils provide more support to pressure points and contour experience.

2 layers of natural latex and emit no notable chemical smell.


25-year limited warranty.●●●●●
Tuft & Needle MattressCalifornia, USABack SleeperCerti-PUR, UL GREENGUARD

& Oeko-Tex 100 Certified


2 layers of high density Polyurethane which is bouncing and supporting.

Added gel and graphite to produce cooling effect.

2 layers of high density Polyurethane could emit chemical smellFull Refund Guarantee with a 100 night sleep trial. 10-Year True Warranty


Casper Sleep MattressUSABack SleeperCerti-Pur certifiedConsists of 4 layers of memory and poly foam. Provide both cooling and pressure relief nature of both foams.The Poly and memory foam could emit chemical smell for around a few days100 Night Trial, Free Returns within 100 Days of Receipt of Shipment●●●●●
Eight Smart Mattress


NASide SleeperNAConsists of 4 layers of poly foam, memory foam, transition and support foamAs its made of poly foam and memory foam, please expect some degree of chemical smell.100 night mattress trial and 10 year limited warranty


Leesa MattressUSASide Sleeper and stomach sleeperNAThe mattress consists of three layers which includes a latex-like avena layer and memory foamSince the material made with this foam is artificial, please expect there is chemical smell for this product.100 Night Trial, Free Returns within 100 Days of Receipt of Shipment.●●●


Brentwood Home Mirador Natural Latex Mattress (Made in California)

Brentwood Home Mirador Natural Latex Mattress is a bit pricey because of the 2 layers of natural latex and the Softech micro coils. This latex is harvested from the rubber trees which are of limited supply. This price compensate you with a healthy sleeping. Natural latex emits no harmful gas and will not irritate your skin and eyes.

Brentwood Home Mirador Natural Latex Mattress consists of 7 layers:

  • First layer is a breathable stretch knit. They are soft 4-way stretch knit that you can move and lie down easily without the resistance of a traditional weave.
  • The second layer is New Zealand Wool. It can regulate your body temperate by keeping you hot when the weather is cold and vice versa. It can serve as a natural fire barrier by wicking away moisture.
  • The third layer is a 2-inch Natural Latex which is bouncing and resilient. It can help to support the pressure points and allow cooling effect.
  • The forth layer is a 2.5-inch individually wrapped Softech micro coils. They are pocketed coils which can provide better contour similar as memory foam but more bouncing. This adds extra comfort for the sleeping experience.
  • The fifth layer is another 2-inch Natural Latex.
  • The sixth layer is a 2-inch Ventilated Airflow Foam. It makes the mattress more breathable and enhance the cooling effect.
  • The seventh layer is a Base Foam. It is a solid and firm support base to absorb the weight. It also serves to dampen the motion transfer and prevent noise.

Considering the above 7 layers of structure, it totally worth the price. It combines the support and bouncing experience of Latex and the contour of pocketed coils. The Latex layer can provide cooling effect and the base can absorb the noise in case of motion transfer.

Brentwood Home Mirador Natural Latex Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified that means it is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates and low VOC emission (less than 0.5 parts per million. Brentwood Home Mirador Natural Latex Mattress is a healthy choice with 25-year limited warranty.

The Softech micro coils are heat-treated and pressure relief. Due to the contour it provides, this mattress is good for side sleeper.

Customers review summary:

People always appraise its excellent cooling effect compared with their previous memory foam mattress.

Once customer who has back pain requires to sleep back and side occasionally. She found Brentwood Home Mirador Natural Latex Mattress supportive enough to relieve her pain.

Once open the seal of the mattress, there is no chemical smell. It is because Brentwood Home Mirador Natural Latex Mattressl used are natural such as the New Zealand Wool and Natural Rubber Tree Latex.


Casper Sleep Mattress

Combining a responsive memory foam and poly foam, Casper sleep mattress provide a responsive and contour sleeping experience for customers.

The Casper sleep mattress consists of 4 layers:

  • Top 5″ of responsive Open-Cell foam layer. This layer provide a cooling, bouncing and responsive feature to the mattress.
  • Second layer is a 1.5″ of memory foam (density: 4.0 PCF). It provides contouring, support and pressure relief features to the mattress. The reason that this layer being put the second was to avoid its heat retention effect by not directly contacting the sleeper’s body.
  • The third layer is another 1.5″ of Adaptive Transition foam (density: 2.5 PCF). It serves to help the sleeper in setting down to the base foam.
  • The bottom layer is a 5.0″ support poly foam (density: 1.8 PCF) and it serves to support the above layers.

Thanks to its upper layer of poly foam, it provides good cooling effect to the sleepers. With the combined effect of poly foam and memory, sleeper can enjoy both cool, bouncing and pressure relief experience from Casper sleep mattress.

One point to note that as all the four layers are made of synthetic materials, not latex. Therefore, please expect chemical smell presence for the first few days.

Since the first 3 layers of foam is only 4.5” thick. If you are a heavy person, you may not find Casper sleep mattress supportive enough for you. There is a customer review that a hole was found on the mattress since he is too heavy.

The best thing of buying Casper sleep mattress is its 100 Night Trial. And free returns can be made within 100 Days of Receipt of Shipment.

Customer review:

People generally made good comment of Casper sleep mattress. The comment on the firmness of this mattress is inconclusive. Some said it is too soft and some said it is too hard. Therefore, nothing can be concluded. But people generally said it can help solving back pain.


Eight Smart Mattress

Unlike other traditional mattress, Eight Smart Mattress is equipped with advanced technology. Before describing the materials in making it, let me introduce the 3 smart features of this mattress.

  • Sleep pattern tracking

You would know whether you have slept well by looking at the nightly data with trends through your phone app which is connected to the mattress. You do not need to wear any device. Both you and your partner can be tracked individually. The data includes tine of sleep and deep sleep, heart rate, breathing rate, toss and turns rates, and room temperature and other environmental data. It can share the data with Apple’s Health and Google’s Fit.

  • Regulate the bed’s temperature

You can use your phone app to change the temperature of your bed. You can also set a schedule to warm up your bed during winter. There is also a timer which it turns off the bed warming function once you are asleep. The temperature control can be performed individually for each side of the bed. You and your partner will have a tailor made sleeping experience.

  • The Eight Smart Mattress app is available for both iOS and Android

It can be connected to any smart devices say thermostats. Lights and coffee machines et . The app also provides functions such as sleep meditation, sleep improvement suggestion, smart alarm and relaxing sound player.


The Eight Smart Mattress consists of 4 layers

  • 2” reactive poly foam top layer (density of 3.0 PCF )

This poly foam providing cooling effect. This layer of poly foam is responsive and will not have sinking feeling. It can provide good support to the pressure points.

  • 2” memory foam second layer(Density: 4.0 PCF)

It provides contour experience to the sleeper.

  • 2” transition foam third layer (Density: 1.8 PCF)

It acts as a transition later between the second and bottom layer.

  • 4” support foam bottom layer (Density: 1.8 PCF)

It provides deep compression support to the sleepers and served as the foundational base for the mattress. It can help to shape the mattress and maintain all the layers together.

Thanks to the memory foam and poly foam layer. This mattress can provide both support, cooling and contour sleeper experience to the sleeper. The firmness of this mattress is in the middle. Also because of the responsive memory foam, it provides more bouncing experience and, therefore, more motion transfer. Your sleep partner might be awoke by the motion transfer.

Customer review:

People made good comments on the smart functions of the mattress in terms of tracking heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature. Sleep experience and quality awareness has been enhanced. The mattress itself is commented as being comfortable and supportive.


Tuft & Needle Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam

This mattress has won so many awards. Not only it was rate 90% 5-star reviews on Amazon and selected as “#1 Mattress brand” in 2015, the company itself, Tuft and Needle, is ranked number one for the company culture by entrepreneur magazine. After know the wards it won and the company’s success, I should look into this mattress to find out why it is so comfortable.

First, the mattress is UL GREENGUARD certified. It means that this mattress release fewer pollutants which could induce asthma and other respiratory illnesses. UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise in safety solutions. This implies the certification from UL is independently and relatively reliable.

Second, the mattress is also certified by Certi-PUR US in meeting its high standard of environmental and health friendly requirement.

Third, the mattress is made of two layers of polyurethane blend foam. The bottom 7-inch support foam layer is of high density (1.8 lbs/cubic ft). The top 3-inch comfort foam later is of very high density (2.8 lbs/cubic ft). The two layers are glued with a rubber and water mixture. It has no direct contact to the skin. This mixture is certified by GREENGUARD. The two layers of polyurethane foam also make the whole mattress a cheaper price compared with other brand.

The mattress cover is a soft, breathable blend of rayon and polyester. It is certified by OEKO-TEX without chemical residues, phthalates, and heavy metals.

The mattress cover is chemical-free, TB-117 compliant fire barrier. It’s a fabric blend that fits on the mattress like a sock, underneath the cover, and is comprised of a blend of mostly rayon, with small amounts of polyester and fine-grained silica. The silica is inserted into the fiber and does not make contact with the skin.

Polyurethane foam implies it’s a memory foam. While other polyurethane foam often emit chemical smell, this mattress of Tuft & Needle shall be specially treated or blended so that it can pass the CertiPUR-US certification. Since both layer of polyurethane blended foam are of high density, it can provide enough bounce, pressure relief and support to the pressure point.

Tuft & Needle mattress is motion isolate. It means your partner will not wake up if you go onto bed. Unlike other memory foam, Tuft & Needle mattress is infused with cooling gel and graphite to provide good cooling experience.

Other merits of buying Tuft & Needle mattress is it has a full refund guarantee with a 100 night sleep trial plus an honest, 10-year warranty you can actually use,

Anyway, considering Tuft & Needle being much cheaper than other mattresses in this review, I would say it performs better than mattresses in the market with similar price. But if you are a customer who aims at a more luxury mattress with better support and bouncing experience, Tuft & Needle may not be your ideal choice.

Customer review summary:

People generally make good comments on the comfortability of the mattress. Tuft & Needle mattress is well addressed for its firm and support. It is good for back sleeper. However, the chemical smell of the new mattress last for at least 2 days.


Leesa Mattress

This Mattress consists of 3 layers

  1. The 2” Avena foam top layer: This patent layer acts like a latex foam, but its more durable. It provides the same feature as latex in providing great comfort and cooling.
  2. The 2” memory foam middle layer provides support, pressure relied, and deep compression support to the sleeper.
  3. The 6” high-density support foam bottom layer acts as a foundational base for the mattress. This layer will not absorb too much heat and allow breathing effect.

The Avena foam is very responsive which can quickly change the shape and provide contour effect for your body. Since this top layer is latex like, it provides the function of cooling effect being similar to real latex. While other hybrid mattress only provide a 1” to 1.5” of latex, Leesa mattress provides 2” latex like layer can be more effectively to reduce heat.

This Leesa Mattress could minimize motion transfer as its being very responsive as memory foam.

Similar to other mattress, Leesa provides 100 days trial sleep and 10 year limited warranty.

Customer review:

Though people generally makes good comment on this mattress, some of them commented that it is rather hot to sleep with. Therefore, this can conclude that the cooling effect of the mattress is not that effective.

The mattress is easy to carry and unpack. But the chemical smell is still available for a couple of weeks.


There is no the best mattress for all people. But every person should have his own best mattress. If you are a side sleepers, you should find a softer and more contour mattress. If you are a back sleeper, you should find a more firm mattress to support your spine. While nature latex is the best in providing cooling effect, it should be the ideal material for your mattress though it is expensive.

If you are having a budget concern, you may opt for the hybrid memory foam or other latex like poly foam. But please expect that there are certain amount of chemical smell emitted which could be quite disturbing for like a few weeks.

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