Top 5 Smart Wallet – Best Gift Idea for Boys

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It has always been a headache in buying gift for boys. Wallets are the most frequently chose products and come with different brand and style. In this review, we will introduce five brands of smart wallets. My personal experience with Secrid is so great. This Secrid wallet is still intact after 3.5 years of use. No single sign of tearing can be found on the wallet! Amazing!

The Best Gift for Boys

While most boys do not prefer to bring bags for putting their wallets, it is crucial to have their wallet being small enough to fit in the pockets of their trousers. Making a wallet small does not imply to eliminate stuff inside. There are many smart wallets specially designed to cater for this need. These wallets have a common features that they usually look simple and, at the same time, accommodate a number of cards and paper money. Some of them even have unimaginable functions such as wine opener and cutter etc. Buying a smart wallet for your boy will definitely be the best gift ever!

Smart Wallets Categorized into 2 Types

For the smart wallets I studied. They can be categorized in 2 main types. The first type is for storage. This type of wallet usually do not have extra function such as wine opener etc. They are very focusing on keeping all your stuff in a bulkiness way. You could not image that the same amount of stuff in a smart wallet can be 4-5 times smaller than a regular wallet!

The second type of smart wallet focuses on other functionalities. As I said before, they  equipped with multi-tool functions such as saw, knife, paracord tensioner and smartphone charger etc. While buying this kind of gift, you need to be aware whether the gift recipient would find this multi-tool useful to him.

1.      Secrid Men Slim Wallet Genuine Leather RFID Safe Card Case

The Secrid Slim Wallet does not come with functions such as wine opener, knife, and smart charger etc. It is very famous for its compact, small and simple design which can accommodate a number of cards and paper money at the same time. I will further explain my own experience with Secrid in the following paragraphs. And the Secrid wallet that I am focusing is the Slimwallet.

The Secrid Cardprotector

[to prevent hackers stealing information on your cards]

Feature: The core of Secrid Smart Wallet is a special design credit card holder which is made from aluminum. This card holder is called Secrid Cardprotector. It serves as a firewall to protect your RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards from being selected, activated and copied illegally by hackers. These RFID and NFC cards have a chip and antenna which can be detected wirelessly even if it is 30 meters away.

This feature has been tested and confirmed by TNO in the Netherlands.

The producer also advises the customers on how to use the RFID and NFC cards safely with Secrid. It is to slide it out 3cm from the Secrid wallet. In this way, the sensitivity for the radio signal is substantially reduced while it is enough for contacting over a short distance.

This Smart Wallet is such a genius cardholder, right? Your boy will be very impressed if you tell him such feature.

Each Secrid wallet consists of one or two Secrid Cardprotector. Each card protector can hold six cards. With a gentle click on the button beneath the wallet, the cards will slide out orderly such that each card is around 0.5 cm away from another without falling out. This brings you convenience in picking your card out of the wallet. There is also a special coating inside the Cardprotector which can protect your card from damaging and falling out

Durability: This Cardprotector is very durable. My boy has used it for over 3 years. It still functions the same way that we bought it 3 years ago. And there is no bending even we put it in the back pocket!

Classy design

Secrid Slim Wallet is made in Holland. The cover of it is made of leather and it comes with different colors and style. It is very easy to find your favorite color in Secrid.

Durability: The leather that I chose was a formal, plain and black leather. Honestly, we have put much stuff inside including 10+ cards, name cards, 10+ paper money and even a key.

This Smart Wallet is so durable that there is no tearing on the leather and the sewing is still intact after 3 years of use. Not to mention that there is 2 years warranty for purchasing Secrid Wallet!

The Paper Money holder

Secrid Slim Wallet has a very simple paper money holder. I think it is made up of PVC. Surprisingly, unlike other PVC, it didn’t get brittle with time and it can hold around 10+ paper money at once.

Size and Weight

Secrid Slim Wallet weighs around 72 gram with the size of 6.8 X 10.2 X 1.6 cm. Very light!


For persons who used to put so much stuff in the wallet, I would suggest you buy those without a button. That button limits the size of the wallet from expanding. Therefore, buying those without a button can expand the wallet to the maximum capacity. This is also the reason why I can put a key in that wallet!

Same as all smart wallets, please do not expect that they can hold coins for you.

More about this brand

I like this brand is because its products being so classy and stylish. Many of my friends cannot believe what my boy holding is a wallet. And my girlfriends follow my steps in buying this wallet for their boyfriend and hubbies.

The other strengthen of this brand is its flexibility. You can buy solely the cardprotector if you just what to hold your cards but not paper money. If you would like to hold 2 cardprotector at the same time or hold some bank notes in addition, you can purchase the MoneyBand which can help you to connect and hold them all. The design of the MoneyBand is very classy too. You have no worry to bring it for business use.

The Secrid CardSlide, used together with the CardProtector, could help you to hold cash, key and even coins additionally. For Wallet, the capacity ranges from MiniWallet, to SlimWallet and then to TwinWallet. There must be one that you would like!

2.      Ogon Designs Big Stockholm Aluminum Wallet

This Ogon Big Stockholm Aluminum Wallet comes with a very compact design and it is made up of Aluminum with 13 different colors. Same as Secrid, it is tested to reduce the risk of ID theft on RFID cards. Ogon wallets are made in France.


This smart wallet can hold up to 12 cards including ID card and driving license. It consists of seven expendable pockets. The pockets were resistant PVC.

The cards inside will be stored in the seven open fan-shaped compartments. Therefore, this function makes it very easy for customers to access each of their cards.

Click Button

There is a Click button to close and open this wallet. The click button is specially designed that it can be opened and closed with one hand.

Size and weight

This smart wallet weighs around 95 gram with the size of 10.6 X 7.7 cm. It can fit in any guy’s pocket!

RFID Hacker Presentation with Water and Snow Proof

Same as Secrid, this wallet can prevent hacker stealing your RFID information meters away. Thanks to its Aluminum design, the wallet is water and snow proof. You can keep your paper cash and credit card inside safe and dry.


Customer review shows that the click-button would limit the amount of stuff to be putted in. This aluminum case serves both evil and benign. At the same time it provides water and snow proof function for the wallet, it limits its capacity. Therefore, the click-button cannot hold the stuff inside and it pops open.

Please avoid Ogon Big Stockholm Aluminum Wallet in contact with keys or metal objects. Otherwise, there will be scratches and you will definitely do not want to see this.

More about this brand

There are many different types of smart wallets for this brand. Some of them come with a Zip, a click button or a number lock.

For those with zip, they target mainly the ladies. Though they are also made of aluminum, their outlook pattern is similar to those existing ladies’ bag like Chanel.  Despite wallet, it also come with a clutch version with 4 ways to wear it. Boys can consider this for your wife, mum and girlfriends.

For wallet with number lock which Ogon called it as the Code Wallet, if you are really putting something valuable inside it, it will be your choice. Otherwise, considering every time you open your wallet and you have to select the passcode, quite troublesome isn’t it? Of course, you can close the wallet without locking it. But cost more money compared to the original wallet without a number lock.

3.      Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallets for Men

Unlike the aforementioned 2 smart wallets, Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Wallets have the same outlook as those traditional wallet. While this Bifold Wallet targets Men, it only comes with three colors: Black, Grey and Brown. The producer eliminated excess materials and create a very slim profile.


This Smart Wallet can hold 12 cards, and 30 or more US bills. The wallet is made up of leather and with a money clip.

Patent-pending FlexLock™ pockets

The FlexLock aims to hold and trap the cards that you put in. It is a pair of flexible spring-steel. When you squeeze them, the wallet opens and you can put you cards in it. From the customer review video, they shake the wallet intensely but the cards did fall out. There are 2 FlexLock pockets for this Distil Union Wally Bifold.

Wally Pull-Tab™

This Wally Pull-Tab aims to pull out your cards stored in the Wally Bifold. After finished using your cards, you squeeze open the FlexLock pockets and push your cards in to retract the tab.


There is a money-clip for each Wally Bifold. Its tension can be increased or decreased by lifting and rotating the clip. It can hold up to 30 or more US bills. Very large bills capacity.

Size and Weight

Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Wallets weighs around 8.5 gram with the size of 7.4 x 10.8 x 0.65cm


Unlike the previous 2 wallets, this one doesn’t have the hacker proof function. Please also be mindful this wallet is designed for storing US bills. If your local currency’s size is much bigger than US bills, please be alert that you may opt to buy Wally Euro which is of bigger size.

More about this brand

You may also know that Distil Union also provide products for phone such as Wally Junior, Wally Stick-on, Wally Ether and Wally Case. These products can serve as a pocket on you phones for storing cards (i.e. each of them holds 3 cards with Wally Pull-Tab). A very convenient invention!

4.      SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

With 70mph crash tests on real pavement, this Wallet was developed originally for motorcycling. The Soft Shall material has adopted the best construction methods from fabric and leather. It obtained funding from the Kickstarter which raised over 150k. Not only this SlimFold MICRO Soft Shall Wallet is strong, it is also light and waterproof. Therefore, it should be the best wallet, among all those introduced here, for outdoor users. If your boy loves outdoor activities and frequently go on cycling, this wallet should be his best buddy!


It can hold 8 – 12 cards. The paper money pockets can hold US, Canadian and Euro. It can hold around 8-10 US bills.

Made of Special Material

SlimFold MICRO Soft Shall Wallet is made up of material which is of best construction of fabric and leather. The company did an extensive search for this material and the producer of this material also create materials for companies such as The North Face®, Under Armour®, and even Gore®.

SlimFold MICRO Soft Shall Wallet is, therefore, famous for its durability, waterproof and stain resistance.

Hybrid ID Window / Slot

Unlike the previous three smart wallets. This SlimFold MICRO Soft Shall Wallet comes with a ID Window that you can put your photo in it.

Interior pocket

The interior pocket of the SlimFold MICRO Soft Shall Wallet can allow you to put your most unfrequently use card there, separating them from the cash.

Size and Weight

SlimFold MICRO Soft Shall Wallet weigh 8.5 gram with the size of 2.8″L x 4″W (Measured with Wallet Closed)


This wallet is designed for putting in the front pocket for Men. The selling point of this wallet is for functionality that it’s durable and waterproof. Therefore, compared with other leather wallets, customers should not expect that it will look fancy or a good fit with your business suit.

More about this brand

Slimfold has their wallets made in USA. This MICRO soft shell wallet has an enhanced version with RFID protection function. It blocks RFID signals 13.56 MHz and above. This can prevent hacker from stealing your ID card and credit cards information. The enhance version is RFID inserts to be put into the original SlimFold MICRO Soft Shall Wallet. This insert can be removed and the wallet will become non-RFID protected again.

If you want a bigger capacity SoftShell Wallet, you can purchase the SlimFold Original Soft Shell Wallet. It can hold around 20+ cards.

5.      Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

This is a very hardcore, tactical and multi-functional wallet. It will be the best wallet for going on camping but do be careful that you are not able to bring the multi tool inside the wallet to the plane. This product comes with 2 colors: black and brown. They are made of genuine leather.

This wallet is particular designed for outdoor enthusiast that need their tools easily accessible

6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum

This Dango Tactical EDC Wallet consists of two layers which are made of Aerospace Grade Aluminum. Therefore, its extra light but durable.


The Multi-tool of this Dango Tactical EDC Wallet is equipped with a Multi-Tool. The Multi-Tool is made of CNC’d high carbon, heat treated and corrosion resistant stainless steel with over 10 functions. Some functions include a saw, knife, paracord tensioner, bottle opener, 10/15mm/0.25inch hex, smartphone stand, nail pryer, ruler, lock notch, ring hole, etc. This Multi-tool can be removed from the wallet easily and can be either checked or left at home when travelling. I am pretty sure this multi-tool cannot be brought to the plane.

This Multi-Tool has 3 lock points which enables multiple grip position.

RFID Protection

The Dango Tactical EDC Wallet can block hacker in stealing your information through your cards stored inside.

Size and Weight

The Dango Tactical EDC Wallet weighs 57gram and 0.3 inches think when 6 cards are inside of the wallet.

Durable Silicone Band

This band can hold extra cash and card for you. It is very user-friendly.


You may need to be careful if you are putting this wallet into your pocket. It may happen that the bottle opening of this wallet damaging your pocket. If you don’t want the Multi-tool, you can purchase another version of this wallet called “Dapper Wallet”. It is just the Dango Tactical EDC Wallet without the Multi-tool.

To fully utilize the Multi-tool, it is advised to watch the video from the official webpage and learn the lock points etc.

More about this brand

This brand produce many products for outdoor purpose and they are made in USA. Not only wallets, it also produce hooks, cases, tether and capsule.


There are mainly three points that you need to consider for buying a smart wallet.

The first one is Capacity. Whether you need to put a lot of things in it. If you need to put a lot of stuff there, Secrid and Distil Union will be your choice

The second point is the design. If you need a smart wallet for your business suit, Slimfold and Dango will not be suitable for you.

Finally, you have to consider the functionalities. If you want a smart wallet not only to store cards and cash, you may find Dango an amazing choice.

Check out more smart wallet in Amazon!

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