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Introduction – Buying  Baby Food Processing & Milk Preparing Machines

Nowadays, there is a vast variety of choices available to parents when it comes to choosing the best appliances for their babies. With advances in research and technology, you can now feed and care for your child in the healthiest and most hygienic way possible. Such technologies include various types of machines that are designed specially to cater to your babies’ dietary needs.

However, some parents still believe that it is ultimately better to make their baby’s food themselves rather than rely on machines. Well, before we can look at the different food processing machines, let us look at the reasons why you should buy a food processing machine for your baby.

Why Buy a Food Processor/Milk Maker for Your Baby?

  • It saves time. Prepping for your baby’s food yourself can take much longer than a machine. It is also very exhausting, so this can be the one task that you don’t have to put unnecessary effort into.
  • It can be very efficient when travelling. The great thing about food made in the processor is that it does not require refrigeration, which can be helpful when going on a long trip.
  • It can be the healthier option. When you use the food processor, you have control over the ingredients and can avoid anything you might not want your child to ingest.

What to Look Out for in a Food Processor/Milk Maker

Now that we’ve established that it might actually be better for both you and your baby to make use of food processors, let us take a look at what factors you need to consider:

  • Bisphenol A-Free: This is a compound found in plastics that has been rumored to be harmful to babies. Despite the fact that none of these rumors have been substantiated, it can be a relief to know that your baby is not in any imminent danger from the nutrition they are receiving.
  • Type: There are all-in-one processors, and then there are those that only prepare the ingredients for cooking, so it is necessary to think which particular practice suits you better as a parent.
  • Easy to Assemble and Clean: When looking for a processor, it is important to check whether it is easy to put together, take apart and clean. This will significantly save your precious time.


Baby Brezza Formula Pro Milk Maker

Who Should Use It?

It’s perfect for parents who want to make food in bulk and don’t mind putting effort in cleaning.

Main Features

The Baby Brezza requires absolutely no mixing or blending; all you need to do is add the formula into the compartment on top without taking any measurements either. It has built-in sensors to ensure that the temperature does not exceed the body’s temperature. It also gives airtight storage to the formula.

  • Can store up to 700 grams of formula in an airtight compartment that is enough for eight bottles of milk.
  • The control panel is very easy to operate; all you have to do is pick the bottle size, and the machine will prepare the bottle in less than a minute.
  • The machine is also very efficient as it prepares the milk at a perfect consistency without leaving behind any bubbles or air in the bottle.
  • It is very difficult to clean and can get quite messy while adding the formula.
  • The machine has been known to malfunction with a few unlucky users for whom the consistency of the mix between milk and water was completely thrown off.
  • Repeated use might cause clumping at the bottom, which can add to the difficulty of cleaning.


Burabi Smart Milk Maker

Who Should Use It?

It’s a fast and cost-effective machine, though using it may be a hassle.

Main Features

Burabi is a smart device that has a number of impressive features to offer. It has a lot of data stored on formula and can automatically adjust the temperature and volume of the milk. These can also be adjusted via its app.

  • It is quick and efficient when warming water for milk and only warms that which is required in a few seconds.
  • Has its very own app which allows you to operate the machine while performing other tasks.
  • Comes equipped with various sensors that ensure proper mixing of the product with minimal bubbles inside the bottle
  • The machine needs to be fed sterilized water because it does not perform this function itself.
  • Most of the information you get from the app and how to go about the machine is in Chinese, so it isn’t accessible for everyone.
  • It is not easy to set up as some have reported needing extra help.


BEABA Babycook 4-in-1 Steam Cooker and Blender

Who Should Use It?

For parents working on multiple tasks at a time, this is the perfect machine.

Main Features

The BEABA Babycook Pro is one of the best in the business because it comes with a lot of features that many of its competitors lack. It can prepare up to 4.7 cups of food at a time. What makes it so special is that it can perform the steaming, blending and reheating functions within 15 minutes. This pattern of cooking is very beneficial for a child because it locks the nutrients of the food inside. It also comes equipped with a multi-mixing blade as well as a timer that lets you know your baby’s food is ready.

  • It can perform a plethora of functions within a very short amount of time.
  • It is very easy to use as it comes with automatic shut-off and notification sound once food is done. It also supports one-hand operation.
  • Provides a large number of servings in one cook.
  • The entire device has a lot of functions that it performs, and keeping track of all of them can be quite daunting when you have a baby to care for at all times.
  • Cleaning the appliance is also a hassle because of its various parts, and the multi-purpose blade does not make things any easier.
  • Sometimes, the machine malfunctions and does not cook the food through.


iNG Smart Baby Formula Dispenser

Who Should Use It?

It is perfect for parents short on time.

Main Features

This milk maker comes with Bluetooth connectivity and an app that can control it. It can hold up to 400 grams of formula and 440 ounces of water and comes with temperature control. Moreover, the dispenser will mix the formula easily and swiftly. It works with most major brand formulas and can work with various bottle sizes because the tray can be adjusted.

  • It has a lot of interesting features such as the app that make it seem very efficient and convenient to use.
  • The scanning feature provides the perfect mix of the formula, and the bottle prep is no more than a few seconds.
  • It comes with advanced mixing technology that mixes the milk and water itself without leaving behind any air bubbles inside the bottle.
  • It was difficult getting the hang of the app, which meant that the entire device could not be properly utilized since it is so dependent on it.
  • The cleaning procedure is a lengthy ordeal, though other machines are usually able to clean themselves.
  • The app is in Chinese, so it is very inconvenient to try and understand a completely different language before even beginning to deal with the dispenser.


Born Free Bottle Genius

Who Should Use It?

It is a time-saving and accurate device for parents.

Main Features

Born Free is a one-stop station that can work with most prominent formula brands. It is designed to take measurements accurately for mixing and warming and comes equipped with smart-scale technology. This ensures you get the best possible bottle each time. Additionally, it can make bottles in a variety of volumes, ranging from 2 to 10 ounces, and is sensitive to temperature adjustment.

  • The product is quite convenient due to its smart technology that measures and divides the water and milk formula proportionally before mixing.
  • It adapts to your baby’s varying appetite in both bottle size and temperature. This makes it a very efficient product.
  • It also comes with a smart bottle cleaning feature that automatically sanitizes the whole system.
  • Sometimes, the formula is reported to have gotten clogged which suggests that the formula chamber isn’t airtight and ultimately wastes formula.
  • It isn’t reliable for long-term use and is very messy because it spreads formula all over the place. Sometimes, it even spreads out after it has been mixed inside the bottle, so a thorough cleanup is needed afterwards.
  • The machine cannot hold more water than 10 ounces, which is quite less.


4-in-1 Babebay Bottle Warmer

Who Should Use It?

Its bottle warmer and sterilizer functions will keep most parents sane.

Main Features

This is a unique device because not only does it make food, but it also warms milk for your baby. It comes with a smart thermostatic system and temperature control that make sure the milk is warmed just right. These features also ensure that the food inside the processor stays warm. Particularly for milk, 4 modes are present to adjust to your baby’s needs, and the bottle warmer is built with an energy-efficient system.

  • The processor comes with an LCD which gives you complete control over the machine and its processes.
  • Its smart thermostat maintains a healthy temperature for your baby’s food and keeps their milk at the right temperature.
  • The processor comes with a guarantee that it has been made completely from children-friendly materials.
  • Warming up the milk can take anywhere from between 20 minutes to an hour, which can be very difficult to deal with when you are just about to feed your baby.
  • The temperatures shown on the screen may not necessarily be accurate, which points to possible issues with the thermostatic and temperature control systems.
  • The heating settings might also have issues as some have complained of water being heated way too much regardless of changing the settings.


YISSVIC 3-in-1 Bottle Warmer

Who Should Use It?

It offers the most value for money.

Main Features

This machine comes with three distinct features: warming, freezing and yogurt making. These features allow food and milk to be treated according to the temperature you want. What is special about this machine is that it has a 2-way utilization: it works as a bottle warmer and cooler that can also be plugged into your car. The third function is the yogurt making; the machine will automatically start freezing yogurt after 8 hours.

  • The machine is very convenient when it comes to yogurt making as it takes care of the entire process automatically and in a timely fashion.
  • The product comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee which ensures that you do not have to be stuck with a product that doesn’t suit you.
  • The warming process is not always temperature accurate, so the system in place to check the temperature might be faulty.
  • The upkeep can be tiresome.


QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker

Who Should Use It?

It makes preparing food for babies easy and simple.

Main Features

The QOOC Food Maker comes with 4 exciting features: steaming, defrosting, heating and blending. All this takes no more than 15 minutes. It comes with its very own one-handed controls along with a silent motor. Inside is a multipurpose blade that chops and purees within 15 seconds. It comes in a compact size, and baby-friendly materials are used to make it.

  • Allows you supervision and control over the ingredients your baby is consuming.
  • It is a safe and noise-free machine.
  • This easy and convenient method of cooking for your baby will make meals fun.
  • The blade does not necessarily puree or blend to perfection which can be very tiring to redo for the baby.
  • The water tank gets frequent build-up.


Every single one of these machines brings a distinct feature. Before purchasing a processor, it is essential to figure out what your needs are. If you need something that is only responsible for making milk, you could go with the Baby Brezza, but if you are looking for something that takes care of your baby’s food as well, you should give BEABA Babycook 4-in-1 Steam Cooker and Blender a try.

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